Article | May 8, 2018

Is Your Business Vulnerable To A Cyberattack?

Source: Avast Business

By Mark Whiffen, Avast

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Just because your company is small doesn’t mean it’s safe from cybersecurity threats.

It seems like every other day we hear another story about a massive data and security breach at a major corporation or public institution. If you own a small to medium-sized business (SMB), perhaps you think that these types of threats don’t concern you — that your company is too small for anyone to notice or bother with a cyberattack.

Think again.

Cybercriminals are more focused than ever on SMBs as a lucrative target,  They know that many small businesses lack the budget and security knowledge to effectively protect themselves, so they are an easy target. 

During this week’s RSA Conference focusing on information security, Avast Business revealed some troubling data about the state of security for SMBs. Despite all of the high-profile data breaches that made the news in 2017, a majority of SMBs have not done the necessary system updates to protect themselves and their customers.

In our SMB Security Assessment Report, we found that less than 40% of the companies they analyzed had performed all the needed patches to keep their systems secure. Some of the companies had performed some of the updates, but far too few had performed all of the updates.