Article | August 16, 2018

Integration Is The ‘In' MSPs Have With The CIO

Source: Solarwinds MSP

By Greg Lissy, VP, Product Management, SolarWinds MSP

Are CIOs Becoming “Internal Service Providers”?

MSPs looking for a way in with CIOs should use integration opportunities as a conversation starter. Simply put, integration is one of the CIO’s biggest headaches: as businesses increase their cloud investments and move forward with digital transformation efforts, they are finding that getting everything to work together is a massive undertaking.

And wherever there is a problem for customers, there’s usually an opportunity for MSPs. Businesses by and large lack the necessary capabilities to stitch together the applications and services that make up their IT environments. Those environments are increasingly becoming hybrid, mixing on-premises assets with systems dispersed in various clouds, both private and public.

Meanwhile, as part of digital transformation plans, customers are considering how IoT (Internet of Things) devices and platforms can help optimize operations and enhance customer experience. As they embark on IoT initiatives, customers are taking on new levels of complexity that most aren’t equipped to handle. CIOs, therefore, will be looking for third-party help to carry out their business initiatives and achieve digitization efforts.