News Feature | April 20, 2016

How To Sell Your Enterprise Clients On Cloud Sharing

Christine Kern

By Christine Kern, contributing writer

Cloud Impact On MSPs

Infographic shows that collaboration is more than just file sharing.

While most businesses agree cloud content sharing is key to success, a number of challenges still hamper its adoption. An Oracle Documents Cloud Service Infographic points out 89 percent of business managers agree their employees need 24/7 access to core business systems in order to implement their business strategy but missing context, information fragmentation, security issues, and a lack of standardization are holding them back.

As CRN pointed out, as large telecommunications providers move out of the data center business, it is creating a grand opportunity for MSPs to move in and offer a combination of cloud infrastructure and professional services for business customers contemplating the cloud.

While business customers are turning to the cloud, their needs vary. And the market opportunity for MSPs and smaller cloud providers is founded on the basis of a better support experience for the customer explained Andrew Pryfogle, senior vice president of cloud transformation for Intelisys. “A small to mid-sized customer moving its infrastructure to a public cloud like Amazon will have to accept that it is a pure do-it-yourself venture,” Pryfogle told CRN. “But they might want to look at a partner that can manage that infrastructure, and who can also manage their private infrastructure, too.”

As the infographic details, almost one third of business executives feel integration with existing architecture is the primary challenge posed by adopting cloud services, while 93 percent of IT leaders say they experience difficulties tracking and managing critical corporate data due to data fragmentation. Eighty-four percent say the costs of managing this data are a top concern. Just over half of organizations currently using cloud-based solutions report they would be interested in file sync and share (FSS) that has integration with on-premises storage.

Meanwhile, half of all organizations that have adopted FSS solutions report it creates a new list of information and governance challenges — even as it resolves others — and 56 percent of businesses say it is important to purchase various cloud solutions from a single provider.

When it comes to security, 81 percent of IT leaders worry their employees are exposing sensitive data by putting it onto consumer-grade cloud storage and services, while 69 percent said their cloud providers do not protect information with enabling security technologies.

Businesses and enterprises are looking for solutions that enable real-time conversations and collaboration and improve usability with productivity tools; can drive business processes and content while simultaneously enabling applications and mobilizing existing on premise content; and establishes granular security controls and helps meet data residency compliance.