Article | July 12, 2019

How To Sell To The Hidden IT Buyer

Source: SherWeb

By Janice Lavallee, SherWeb

Conducting The Sales Presentation

Have you met the Hidden IT buyer? We’re not talking about the CIO or CTO that cloud resellers usually deal with. There are other employees out there who are buying their own software applications without even consulting the IT department. People like the VP of Sales, the Director of Finance or even the Human Resources Manager.

Have you ever thought about targeting these buyers the next time you make a sales presentation? Well, you should. This is an emerging market and it’s a great opportunity for a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like you to start pulling in more revenue.

Gone are the days when companies relied on their IT departments to purchase all their hardware and software. Today’s workers are carrying out many of their tasks on their personal devices and more business departments are starting to sidestep IT when it comes to buying technology. In fact, a recent survey by the CDW Digital Workspace Solutions Report found that 41 percent of digital workspace solutions were being selected by departments outside of IT.