Guest Column | April 9, 2018

How To Profit Off Security System Upgrades

By Eugene Klimaszewski , Mammoth Surveillance

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If we were able to go back in time 15 years we’d find most small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners with no video security cameras or access systems in place. And those businesses that had one or the other would by now have old, antiquated systems in need of an upgrade. The problem is many of the CEOs of these SMBs don’t see the financial benefit of investing in security systems.

If you are a VAR or MSP, this is a challenge you face on a daily basis. There are many reasons why SMBs should be upgrading their security systems — we all know how much technology has improved over the last 15 years — the trick is in knowing how to convey this to SMB owners.

Fortunately, there are several ways to demonstrate the benefits and cost savings of integrating security cameras with access control systems. Following are five arguments you can use to convince SMB owners it’s time to upgrade.

Safe And Secure Environment For Employees

The most obvious benefit of upgrading a security system is ensuring employees feel safe and secure in their working environment. Some of your customers may operate 24/7 and, in those cases, employees will be arriving outside of normal office hours when there will not be many people around. A good security system will inspire staff and could actually help to recruit new employees as they will see employee safety is paramount.

Cost And Time Savings

Many SMBs still have no video surveillance, or if they do it is time lapse video recording to VHS tapes. If and when a problem does arise, a member of staff has to spend hours or even days scrolling through video tapes in the hope the intruder was captured on tape and the image was of sufficient quality to identify the person.

New systems use digital technology to record a photograph of every person who enters the business. When the time comes to see who accessed the building and at what time, it’s as simple as typing in the location of the camera, the time, and — if it is a staff member — their ID swipe card. Modern systems will also link up the access card with the digital camera system so that every single person who enters the building will be recorded and time stamped. This can be used as a valuable tool to identify which members of staff are in the building and at what time.

SMB owners who have more than one site will be able to take advantage of remote monitoring which provides a significant cost saving. Depending on the type of facility, it might be reasonable to employ one member of security staff to monitor three, four, or more buildings remotely.

New Systems Are Easier To Operate And Maintain

Old video tape based security systems provided many opportunities for human error; a person could forget to change the tape or record over the wrong tape, and the tape itself with the valuable evidence could be misplaced. All of these problems are eradicated with new systems which utilize control panels much easier to understand and operate.

Use The New System As A Marketing Tool

If your customers lease part of their facility or owns a complex of flats, an enhanced and reliable security system could be a huge advantage over competitors. Potential tenants are more likely to choose a facility where security is modern and properly maintained.

New Systems Make Use Of Modern IT Facilities

A final selling point which SMB owners are often unaware of is the fact modern systems can generally take advantage of embedded IT infrastructure as opposed to being a standalone system. This means data can be stored on the cloud, can be accessed remotely, and the cost of maintenance and repair can be significantly less. In many cases a problem can be fixed by the technician remotely without the need for an onsite visit.

This is the perfect time to be providing security and the five arguments listed above are only a few that can be used to encourage a customer to upgrade their security systems. Security and safety of employees should always be a company owner’s number one priority, and with the new integrated camera and access systems this whole process is extremely simple to operate.

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