News Feature | October 1, 2015

How MSPs Can Fill The Cybersecurity Labor Shortage Gap

By Ally Kutz, contributing writer

data security

An article on Forbes by contributor Steve Morgan examined the cybersecurity labor shortage. The article states, “Although the latest tools for cyber intelligence are able to track and alter on the newest vulnerabilities, organizations are still struggling to put people in positions who know how to use these tools, understand the threats/consequences, and how to respond to any attack.”

And, Morgan reports, this is happening as cyberattacks are estimated to cost businesses as much as $500 billion per year.

Are you the solution to this problem?

In an article for Business Solutions magazine, David Sobel, senior director of partner community and field marketing at LogicNow, urges solutions providers to consider positioning themselves as “outsourced CIOs.” He says this role “includes not only IT systems management but also the responsibility to effectively adopt IT services in alignment with business needs. “

Sobel explains this goes beyond the idea of a “trusted advisor.” He says, “CIOs control the budget for IT expense and make decisions around business needs. They work closely with the other business units to adopt the technologies required to deliver on their specific goals, and they ensure proper technology usage.” He says this can include oversight of compliance and security.

Not only will your client benefit from you filling this void in their organization and from knowing you are focused on their security and compliance, but you will benefit as well. Sobel says, “While this is certainly a more complex engagement strategy, it also commands higher value, resulting in larger revenue and higher margins.”

As you address your client’s security needs, there are resources you can rely on. For example, CompTIA offers free, peer-generated tools that include the IT Security Assessment Wizard and the Quick Start Guide To Security Compliance, as well as offering an Executive Certificate in IT Security Foundations.