Article | July 20, 2020

Driving Agility: Discovery, Documenting And Diagramming

Source: IT Glue

By Jonathan James, IT Glue

agile project management

As an IT professional, you’re playing the part of both a detective and a doctor on a daily basis. Whether you’re developing an IT environment from the ground up, or walking into one set up by your predecessor, there’s a discovery process involved. In the case of the latter, the challenge might be figuring out what backwards logic resulted in the convoluted web of workstations and servers. The only way you’ll be able to troubleshoot issues, or optimize an IT environment, is by having a complete and accurate understanding of its individual components and how everything fits together. Having the agility to remedy issues quickly, or reconfigure things to meet changing business needs relies on this understanding.

Automated Network Discover, Documenting & Diagramming

Manually doing this is a heavy lift, to say the least. You’re either looking at previously made diagrams and documentation that may or may not be accurate, or making a site visit any relying on your eyes and word-of-mouth. In both cases, there’s a high margin of error, and it’s just plain inefficient. So what’s the alternative? Network Glue.

Network Glue is a product that automatically discovers all devices on a network and all users from on-premises and hybrid environments. It then documents all this information within IT Glue, and illustrates the entire system in a neat and easy to interpret diagram. You get a complete picture of an entire IT ecosystem, and best of all, it’s updated routinely so you can be sure that the information you’re looking at is always the most recent.

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