Article | December 11, 2019

Do You Need Certification To Be An MSSP?

Source: IT Glue

By Jonathan James, IT Glue

What Will Clinical Research Certification Mean To Pharma?

There’s no blanket diploma program or global agency regulating who is and isn’t an MSSP. What may be a shocking disadvantage to the consumer when it comes to vetting service providers, is a definite benefit to those looking to capitalize on this growing opportunity. If you’re looking to designate yourself as an MSSP, the barrier for entry is at the floor.

The challenge, of course, is revealed when you consider the customer’s evaluation process. There is no room for error in cybersecurity, and a significant level of trust is placed in the service provider. As you likely know, trust is built up over time, and for an MSSP, this is established through your maturity and track record as a security services provider. This is where certifications prove their value. They not only build out your expertise and abilities, but also demonstrate to the customer that you have the expertise.

If you’re establishing cybersecurity measures for a client, you need to ensure your house is order. Experiencing a cyber breach yourself is not a good look if you’re promoting yourself as an MSSP. There are two primary gold standard certifications for having your security standards vetted. SOC2 and ISO 27001 are third-party certifications that are a key indicator of your maturity and the security standards to which you hold your business. Unfortunately, these certifications are likely unreasonable for a modestly sized MSSP to pursue. There are stringent requirements for demonstrating you meet the established standard of security, and a significant financial investment that covers the cost of third-party accreditation.

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