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D&H Distributing's '22 Year-End Results Showed Triple-Digit Growth In Key Modern Solutions Categories

A Focus on New Resources & Attached Services has Delivered on the Potential of the “BFG” Initiative, Positioning the Distributor for Success in 2023

D&H Distributing, a major provider of SMB, mid-market, and consumer technologies to the North American channel, announced it saw significant growth in key focus areas in 2022 including business applications, infrastructure, security and collaboration; as well as professional services, in the wake of the launch of its Modern Solutions Business Unit. This shift addresses technology consumption models like cloud and XaaS. Such high performances also come a little more than a year after D&H introduced its BFG (“Built for Growth, Giving, and Generations”) initiative, designed to expand the distributor’s ability to deliver transformative, modern solutions and strategies to its mid-market and SMB channel partner base.

D&H experienced triple-digit performance in several of these categories last year, including 102% sales growth in Modern Applications and Cloud Services; plus 264% growth of D&H’s new managed services offering, under its Professional Services portfolio. Other high-growth stats: The distributor saw a 39% increase in sales from its Modern Solutions Business Unit overall; 216% growth in Project Services; 66% growth in Integration Services; plus a 46% increase in sales of Cisco products. All figures are year-over-year.

Investing in Growth
D&H has also made notable investments in services and programs to position the company for ongoing growth in 2023. This includes its new in-house TechDrive Creative Studios marketing services arm, which provides full agency offerings customized specifically for the unique needs of each partner. It also includes new and/or revitalized vendor resources like the recently-launched Cisco Partner Enablement (CPE) self-service platform, new professional services from Microsoft and Google, and other investments. The details are as follows:

Launch of TechDrive Creative Studios: This is D&H’s new marketing services division, which delivers no-cost consultation as well as a comprehensive portfolio of creative planning, design, and production across all media. TechDrive’s experts are versed in the industry and tech and can help partners to procure and utilize marketing resources and MDF (market development funds) to generate demand, helping them to better market specific technologies. Partners can contract for creation and development of digital marketing, web site, video, sales assets, and marketing campaign toolkits, or take advantage of more comprehensive concierge services. Looking forward into 2023, the division is developing a set of dynamic marketing automation tools to streamline the execution of partners’ go-to-market needs. More information is available at

Launch of Cisco Partner Enablement (CPE) Platform: D&H’s new CPE platform provides a frictionless yet comprehensive way for partners to manage their Cisco business. The platform provides automated product catalog and sku attributes as well as order information including status, estimated delivery dates, tracking information and product serial numbers with “one-click” requests. Partners can also manage the renewal and contract lifecycle processes using CPE, and D&H is introducing pricing and proposal generation functionality in early 2023.

The CPE platform demonstrates D&H’s commitment to help increase its partners’ Cisco business, which contributed to the 41% growth in sales of these branded solutions in 2022. The MSP-inspired D&H Cloud Marketplace powers a robust portfolio of Cisco cloud solutions. D&H added a number of new Cisco cloud products in 2022 including Secure Endpoint (AMP), Stealthwatch, Webex, and Secure Email Threat Defense, and was the first distributor to offer renewal support for the Cisco Duo and Umbrella solutions.

Expansion of SuccessPath Program: D&H’s popular SuccessPath technical training and business transformation offering has branched out to address the company’s greater Modern Solutions portfolio. What began as “SuccessPath to Cloud” has spawned parallel programs in other strategic areas including Modern Security, Modern Collaboration, Modern Infrastructure, and Modern Applications and Devices. These programs offer tactical, step-by-step training—both on-line and in person—on how to develop and improve partner practices in these categories. Its resources are designed to increase the partner’s competencies in professional and managed services, complement their solution offerings, and optimize their profitability.

SuccessPath Premier is an enhanced version of this offering, recently developed for members of D&H’s Partnerfi partner engagement community, which has seen outstanding success. For example: Partnerfi members have experienced an uptick in cloud solutions sales of 210% since the program’s launch in January of 2022. That’s more than double the growth that non-Partnerfi members experienced in this category in the same timeframe.

Success of D&H’s Expanded White Glove & Integration Services Center: D&H’s expanded integration center has seen considerable success since its launch at the new Harrisburg warehouse in spring of 2022, offering five times the capacity for configuration, including multiple large-scale etching machines to accommodate complex asset tagging and laser etching projects in a fraction of the time as competitors. D&H is also meeting increased market demand for sustainability and environmental initiatives through its green shipping program through the integration center.

This helped to enable D&H’s 66% increase in integration projects. For example, the center facilitated an extensive White Glove project in the education vertical involving more than 6,100 laptops in four days, provided to financially deserving students in one of Kansas’ largest public school districts. The center’s capacity allows MSPs to significantly grow their margins through attached services while providing outstanding benefits for partners and end-users.

The enhanced integration center also supports cutting-edge device deployment programs including Microsoft Autopilot and Google Zero-touch enrollment. D&H technicians underwent extensive training and certification to leverage these automated deployment technologies, streamlining configuration and IT administration, and helping MSPs and channel partners capture high-profit services while reducing costs.

“2022 was a powerhouse year for D&H, proving how industrious our team can be in providing uncommon value for partners. Since we unveiled our ‘BFG’ campaign, it’s been a non-stop trajectory of development and resource enhancements all aimed at supporting our customers’ success,” said Dan Schwab, co-president at D&H Distributing. “We’re dedicated to helping channel partners meet and exceed the challenges of the transforming marketplace in 2023, whether that means creating efficiencies in how they access order and purchasing information, delivering more dynamic demand-generating materials, or establishing new ways to add lucrative white labeled services to their projects. D&H is always evolving its offering to anticipate real-world needs and identify opportunities.”

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