Article | June 14, 2018

Creating A Resilient Business

Source: ConnectWise

By Arnie Bellini, ConnectWise

VAR consultant advisor

You’re in business to make money, but that’s not the only reason you started this professional adventure. Maybe you’re looking for a way to create a legacy to pass on to your family, or you’re hoping to fund your retirement. Maybe your business is helping you send your kids to college, provide a better lifestyle, or help you fund your favorite hobbies.

Whatever your business does for your life, being resilient in business makes it all work. Our industry changes so quickly that it can be hard to predict and stay ahead of changes, but business resiliency is the key to meeting and exceeding your business goals.

What does resilience mean?

When you hear resilience, maybe it’s staying power that comes to mind. Or maybe you’re thinking about stamina. Either way, it’s what keeps your business running when the pressure is on. Business resilience is what helps keep your business ahead of changing technology by finding new ways to create additional revenue.