News | November 8, 2023

Cork Cyber Warranty Becomes Available To Customers Through Liongard MSP Partners

Source: Liongard
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Liongard, the global leader in Configuration Change Detection and Response (CCDR), today announced that starting November 15, Cork’s purpose-built cyber warranty for MSPs serving small businesses and the ISV solutions they manage will be available to small and medium-sized business (SMB) customers through Liongard MSP partners.

“We are excited to be working with Cork to enable our MSP partners to address the rising insurance costs faced by their SMB customers and improve their cybersecurity posture when they combine our CCDR platform and Cork's cyber warranty platform,” said Michelle Accardi, CEO, Liongard. “Our collaboration with Cork expedites the underwriting process and offers near-instant financial coverage and settlements after security incidents, which can lead to greater peace of mind for SMBs.”

Liongard’s CCDR platform delivers continuous Cybersecurity Posture Management through configuration change detection and response, proactively safeguarding customer environments, minimizing downtime, and driving growth. Cork offers protection from the Inside Out™ by utilizing data-driven active risk management to monitor, detect, and remediate risks in real time. Through data telemetry that evaluates cyber risk, Cork ensures a secure environment for SMBs and provides swift financial remediation in case of security incidents.

“The constantly evolving nature of cybercrime means MSPs must remain vigilant in protecting sensitive information for their SMB customers,” said Carlson Choi, CEO, Cork. “In partnership with Liongard, we are expanding access to the Cork platform to a greater number of SMBs, further demonstrating our ongoing investment and dedication to empowering MSPs to become the cybersecurity and cyber-attack prevention arm for their customers.”

Cary Showalter, President at ShowTech Solutions, added, "By combining Liongard and Cork in our IT and cybersecurity service offerings, we can improve our security environment by gaining better telemetry. Additionally, having access to more comprehensive configuration data can deliver even greater value to our customers.”

The Liongard and Cork bundled solution is available starting November 15, 2023, to MSPs in the U.S. and Canada through new and existing Liongard partners. By purchasing Cork and Liongard together, customers will save $10 per month for an annual cost savings of $120. Existing Liongard and Cork customers will also be eligible for the discounted bundle offering.

MSPs and MSSPs interested in learning more can contact Liongard at or visit

About Liongard

Liongard delivers a Configuration Change Detection and Response (CCDR) platform that empowers Managed Service Providers (MSP), Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) and IT organizations enabling continuous Cybersecurity Posture Management through configuration change detection and response to better deliver enhanced security, maintain compliance and prevent operational disruptions through its advanced monitoring and intelligent alerts. By automating configuration data capture across cloud, network, applications, and endpoints, Liongard simplifies IT governance and helps MSPs mitigate risk by enabling them to detect and respond to configuration changes. Liongard is comprised of a passionate group of people from the MSP industry, committed to providing MSPs and MSSPs with the capabilities they need to make informed decisions and operate profitably. Nearly 2,000 of the best-run MSPs rely on Liongard to protect the systems their customers rely on every day. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, X and YouTube.

About Cork

Cork is a purpose-built cyber warranty company for managed service providers (MSPs) serving small businesses (SMBs) and the software solutions they manage. Its purpose-built platform is designed to offer MSPs and their client’s peace of mind with near-instant coverage and settlements in the aftermath of security incidents. Cork’s revolutionary Protection from the Inside OutTM approach to actionable insights, flexible premiums and claims management puts control in the hands of MSPs and SMBs to protect the digital assets they value most. Based in Boston, Cork is backed by DVx Ventures, Outsiders Fund and Vestigo Ventures. For more information, visit and follow Cork on LinkedIn.