Carbonite Recover

Source: Carbonite
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Ensure higher levels of uptime for top-tier systems with push-button cloud failover.

The clock starts ticking the minute a critical business system goes down. As lost revenue piles up and productivity drops, resuming normal operations becomes paramount.

The fastest way to recover is to relocate the workload to another server, often at a secondary location. But for most businesses, the redundant hardware, server space and additional human resources are far too costly to make this a viable option. So, in the face of potentially devastating outages, many IT departments simply live with the risk or settle for less expensive backup options for critical workloads.

The solution is Carbonite Recover—a disaster recovery software offering hosted by Carbonite. By securely replicating critical systems from your primary environment to the cloud, Carbonite Recover ensures that an up-to-date secondary copy is available for failover at any moment, minimizing downtime as well as costs.

While less critical workloads are secured through traditional backup, Carbonite Recover keeps systems that are essential for critical business operations online and accessible, no matter what happens at the source.