Carbonite Backup For Microsoft 365

Source: Carbonite
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Why it’s necessary to back up Microsoft collaboration tools.

Microsoft 365 is a powerful suite of business productivity applications. But like any cloud platform, it’s not immune to data loss. Microsoft does not bear responsibility for the protection and retention of data. While Microsoft ensures the availability of its infrastructure, it recommends that customers assume responsibility for protecting the data in its suite of cloud applications. Beyond Microsoft’s recommendations, organizations using Microsoft 365 often have their own reasons for deploying backup for cloud data.

Regulations, compliance and data preservation

Whether dictated by federal, state or industry authorities, regulatory mandates are pervasive across all sectors of the economy. Data handling practices are under scrutiny as regulators impose stricter standards and higher fines for falling out of compliance.

Since data preservation practices and procedures are subject to regulatory guidelines, organizations have a need to deploy and enforce policies more consistently across their systems. Uniform policies for data retention, recoverability, rectification and deletion are necessary for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. These requirements apply to data whether it’s stored on-premises or in a cloud platform like Microsoft 365.