White Paper

Building Backup As A Service (BAAS): An MSP Guide To Implementation

Source: SolarWinds Backup
Imaged-Based Backup And Disaster Recovery

Everyone needs backup. But, it is a thankless job, one that adds no real competitive advantage - and when things go wrong there is nothing but blame. And things far too often do go wrong. Tape backup in particular is prone to error.

Many in IT would gladly give up their backup chores if they knew it could be handled safely and affordably by someone else.

That’s where savvy Managed Service Providers (MSP) can step in. You the MSP/IT Support provider can take over that backup infrastructure as well as the monitoring and management chores. Not only is there money to be made, but these services are sticky. Once the backup is working smoothly, customers are reluctant to switch. And as a trusted partner, you can sell additional and hopefully integrated services.

Now you just need to understand how to offer BAAS. Do you build it yourself or buy from a trusted partner? Is on-premises the architecture of choice or does a cloud-based system make more sense, maybe a hybrid model? How do you compare and contrast the options and, more importantly, how do you convince your tape backup customers that they need to change their backup/ recovery investment? We’ll cover all of these points and introduce you to a proven solution —SolarWinds MSP Backup & Recovery—in this whitepaper.