Guest Column | August 12, 2019

Breaking Into New Markets Through Acquisitions

By Chris Claudio, Logically


IT matters to small and midsize businesses.

Organizations are dependent upon uninterrupted and secure access to the critical IT infrastructure and applications that enable modern business. But trends in the modern workplace and rapid advancement in foundational technologies like the cloud, collaboration, mobile, regulatory compliance, hyper-convergence and cybersecurity create challenges for businesses to stay ahead of the competition and mitigate security risks. 

These trends are driving an unprecedented number of small to midsize businesses to outsource all or part of their IT support. Managed IT Services is the modern approach organizations leverage to access the latest technologies and the experts required to support them. Instead of relying completely on an internal IT team or paying for expertise on a time and material basis, MSPs allow organizations to outsource all or part of their IT support for a fixed monthly fee with guaranteed service levels.

Logically was born 20 years ago in Portland, ME as an IT services firm (then called Winxnet). In the years since, Logically never strayed from helping small and midsized businesses leverage technology to achieve their business goals. That focus enabled growth from a small New England company to a national leader in the industry. As the MSP industry evolves and consolidates, Logically is focused on leading the pack through innovation, and offering an exceptional technology experience for customers.

To achieve this, Logically’s industry leadership strategy is based on four tenets:

  1. Offer services tailored to the needs of small and midsized businesses
  2. Automate service delivery with the industry’s leading self-healing intelligent MSP platform
  3. Deliver services with the best and deepest technical team
  4. Relentlessly focus on customer satisfaction

Additionally, Logically has a keen sense of what small and midsize organizations need from an IT service provider to be successful. Over the past two decades, many companies have selected Logically to replace their existing IT service provider. Key reasons companies leave their existing providers and switch to Logically include:

  • Poor responsiveness and execution
  • Service offerings not tailored to customer needs
  • Insufficient depth and breadth in technical talent
  • Lack of trust and confidence
  • Inability to provide vision and strategic direction
  • Insufficient ROI

To address the needs of our customer and achieve our industry leadership goals, Logically is selectively acquiring regional MSPs across the US. The focus is on identifying MSPs with superior technical talent and that share our core values around fanatic devotion to always doing the right thing and the willingness to run through brick walls to ensure customer success.

It’s in that spirit that Sullivan Data Management has just been added to the Logically family. The addition of Sullivan Data Management marks Logically’s entry into the New York Managed IT Services market. It further strengthens Logically’s position in the public and nonprofit sectors, including municipalities and other government agencies. The addition of Sullivan Data Management is an important next step as Logically continues to expand nationally and adds to their strong presence in the Northeast.

Sullivan Data Management has an unparalleled twenty-year track record of customer success, a loyal customer base and a wonderful reputation in the market. Sullivan’s high standards and laser focus on customer service closely aligns with Logically’s core values and mission as expansion continues the country as a leading IT Managed Service Provider.

This is the second add-on for Logically this year and represents a key part of the strategy to become the leading national IT MSP. Logically plans to leverage add-ons to the Logically platform to access new markets and build the strongest team of technical experts focused on small and midsize organizations in the industry. Logically provides outstanding IT managed services to over 500 customers from Maine to California.

About The Author

Chris Claudio cofounded Winxnet, Inc. in 1999 and provided leadership and strategic direction as the Chief Executive Officer. In April 2019 Winxnet and K&R Network Solutions, Inc. completes a merger to form Logically, a coast-to-coast managed IT services company. Chris is primarily responsible for corporate direction, business development, and growth strategies for Logically with a broader vision of assembling a team which shares his values of customer service, excellence, and integrity.