News | May 22, 2018

Beachhead Solutions Opens EMEA Channel Programme Ahead Of GDPR Enforcement

EMEA-based MSPs and resellers are immediately able to add Beachhead’s cloud-managed PC and mobile device encryption solution to their portfolio

Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control for businesses and MSPs, today announced the launch of its EMEA Channel Programme. As GDPR compliance enforcement approaches, Beachhead’s SimplySecure Management System is now available to resellers and MSPs throughout the EMEA region.

Beachhead’s cloud-managed SimplySecure platform provides remotely enforced encryption and access control to secure sensitive data across all employee-used devices within an organisation – including Windows and Mac PCs, smartphones, tablets, and USB drives. Whenever a device with access to a business’ data is lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised, SimplySecure continues to protect that data through encryption and remote enforcement of password and security policies, while also providing the ability to instantly eliminate data access (“Quarantine”) or fully wipe data from the device. SimplySecure is a platform built for MSPs to meet the specific needs of small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) clients for straightforward, affordable, and reliable device security and regulatory compliance.

Beachhead’s EMEA Channel Programme arrives as businesses working in the European Union are implementing enhanced data security measures to achieve compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) effective as of May 25, 2018. GDPR guarantees a host of data privacy rights to individuals whose personal data is processed and retained by organisations. GDPR also requires that these organisations execute a comprehensive data privacy and security strategy, including a thorough command over where data resides and active safeguards against data breaches. The regulation calls for stringent enforcement actions to be brought against businesses not in compliance, including fines of up to €20,000,000 or four percent of an organisation’s total worldwide revenue – whichever is higher.

Given this reality, many SMEs are in the position of knowing that they must adapt security technologies and practices to meet GDPR requirements, however lack the IT resources and knowledge to do so without external support. Through Beachhead’s new EMEA Channel Programme, resellers and MSPs can utilize SimplySecure to offer Encryption-as-a-Service. This can help meet security safeguards on employee-used devices and provide an especially quick win for SME clients implementing what auditors call “technical control.” Doing so offers peace of mind through adaptive encryption capabilities that mitigate data breaches and control data access across a variety of user devices (including BYOD) from a single unified console. The programme features a uniquely simple and transparent pricing structure based on monthly consumption, deal registration and opportunity protection, and includes the option for partners to white label the product. Also, to assist partners with their own compliance, Beachhead is offering MSPs free not-for-resale product licenses to ensure their internal device security and to become more familiar with the product.

To lead the new programme, Beachhead has promoted Amit Parbhucharan (formerly General Manager for IMEA and Mauritius) to the position of General Manager for EMEA. Parbhucharan enters the new role with a successful track record of bringing Beachhead channel programmes to new markets. Beachhead’s expansion into the EMEA region comes in the wake of sustained business growth, including a 714% increase in channel partners over the past four years.

“Securing sensitive data and navigating regulatory compliance requirements can be complex and intimidating tasks for any businesses, but perhaps especially so for smaller organisations with limited internal IT capabilities,” said Cam Roberson, Director of the Reseller Channel, Beachhead Solutions. “From this perspective, we believe our EMEA Channel Programme is arriving at the perfect moment to offer MSPs a platform to address the challenges faced by their clients. We encourage potential partners interested in the programme to take part in our evaluation process, where in just one hour you can be trained in how to use the platform and actually have PCs encrypted. The simplicity our solution offers is unmatched.”

“As Beachhead maintains its rapid pace of growth worldwide, the fact that the SimplySecure solution offers Compliance-as-a-Service with its adaptive encryption and real-time forensic reporting makes it ideal for Europe’s GDPR and South Africa’s POPIA regulations – whilst its ease-of-use remains one of its most compelling features,” said Amit Parbhucharan, the new General Manager for EMEA, Beachhead Solutions. “I’m eager to introduce SimplySecure’s capabilities for ensuring effective data security to the EMEA-based MSPs and SMEs ready to benefit from them, and pleased that the organisation has taken effective steps to enable the service to meet GDPR compliance for the secure transfer and processing of device personal data by our reseller and MSP partners.”

Resellers and MSPs interested in learning how to leverage the SimplySecure platform to distinguish their service offering should visit:

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Beachhead Solutions offers first-in class data security with SimplySecure, the only web-based security platform that can enforce encryption and security policy. SimplySecure provides a multi-faceted approach – including remote data wiping and controlling access to at-risk data – for protecting sensitive company data on Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android phones & tablets, and USB Storage devices. SimplySecure is user-transparent and easily administered via a single unified management console.

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