News | September 21, 2020

Beachhead Solutions Launches Co-Managed IT Services (CoMITs) Capabilities For MSPs; Immediately Available Within The SimplySecure For MSPs Platform

MSPs can choose to allow clients to respond directly to security events by providing their internal IT teams with appropriate administrative controls

Beachhead Solutions, provider of cloud-managed PC & mobile device encryption, security, and data access control for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), today announced that MSPs can now provide co-managed IT services (CoMITs) using the SimplySecure for MSPs platform whenever they and their clients desire the capability. In response to MSP demand, Beachhead’s CoMITs functionality provides a framework for MSPs to efficiently grant change control privileges to the internal IT staff of MSPs’ clients while still ensuring the MSP steers all security policy and strategy decisions.

In most traditional MSP-client relationships, clients are not allowed to make modifications that alter a solution’s functionality. There is a logic to this approach, as most end clients leveraging an MSP do not possess the IT expertise to manage solutions themselves without real risks. However, Beachhead’s MSP partners regularly receive requests for these privileges from clients that do possess the in-house IT staff and acumen to effectively administer solutions in circumstances where direct control is beneficial. As CoMITs momentum continues to gain traction as a valuable option for MSPs with clients in this position, Beachhead is making the capability available to any MSP partner that desires it.

The CoMITs capability will further enhance many MSP-client partnerships by enabling clients to put a second set of eyes on data and device security risk areas. In events where employee-used devices are lost or stolen, CoMITs-enabled clients can use SimplySecure directly to revoke access controls and delete or quarantine all sensitive company data on a device. In this way, the client can respond decisively to risk events – eliminating any latency associated with contacting and communicating the risk to their MSP. In addition to the ability to invoke immediate access denial, CoMITs-enabled end clients can also now rapidly restore data access when appropriate and without the need to wait for, or involve, their MSP.

At the same time, Beachhead’s CoMITs offering places a protective framework around the activities of businesses whose MSPs grant them change control privileges. While end clients have immediate access and recovery controls for each device safeguarded by SimplySecure, all control over security policies – such as automated threat responses – remains with the MSP as per their standard client agreements. The client has full visibility into all policies and automated responses, and can communicate with their MSP to request changes (but, importantly, cannot interrupt those protections without the MSP’s expert oversight).

As part of placing this appropriate level of administrative control in the hands of end clients, Beachhead is adding assistance with training and support to the SimplySecure for MSPs platform. These features fully equip MSPs to prepare their end clients to engage in CoMITs activities, safely and in-line with best practices.

“CoMITs offer a tremendous opportunity for MSPs to increase the value they provide clients –

if executed correctly,” said Bob Coppedge, CEO of Simplex-IT, an Ohio-based MSP, and author of The MSPs Survival Guide to Co-Managed IT Services. “Vendors and MSPs must be sure to include prudent contractual safeguards and change control limitations, as well as proper training and support to ensure clients can manage solutions safely, independently, and effectively. I’m excited to see Beachhead add this functionality to its MSP platform.”

“The CoMITs capabilities we’ve added to our SimplySecure for MSPs platform are here by popular demand,” said Cam Roberson, VP Sales & Channel Development, Beachhead Solutions. “Clients asked their MSPs, MSPs asked us, and we listened and delivered. Our particular approach to CoMITs is certainly inspired by conversations with Bob Coppedge as well, and his book on the subject. With this CoMITs offering, we believe we’ve struck a perfect balance in enabling MSPs to empower their end clients with appropriate controls over their own data and device security, while also backing them up with all necessary safeguards, training, and support.”

“CoMITs matches what many of our largest clients are asking for,” said Lisa Mitchell, General Manager of NetGain Technologies (formerly Progressive Computer Systems, Inc.). “Against today’s backdrop of unrelenting threats to sensitive data and devices, timing is everything. It makes sense for clients with IT departments able to utilize SimplySecure for MSPs to do so swiftly and directly. The platform now includes the features it takes to do just that.”

About Beachhead Solutions
Beachhead Solutions delivers cloud-based data security and encryption – built for seamless MSP portfolio integration – through its robust SimplySecure for MSPs platform. From a single multi-tenanted console, MSPs can enforce encryption and remote data access control for clients’ Windows and Mac PCs, iOS and Android phones & tablets, USB storage devices, and Windows Servers. With features including remote data wipe and quarantine – as well as full monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities – MSPs use the Beachhead platform to deliver Compliance- as-a-Service, helping them win (and keep) more client business.

Source: Beachhead Solutions