News | October 22, 2019

ASG Technologies Announces A Trust-Centric Model For Data Intelligence

Patent pending approach for understanding and trusting data enables business stakeholders to make better and more timely decisions through data democratization

ASG Technologies recently announced a dynamic trust scoring capability for ASG Data Intelligence, its market-leading metadata management solution, which institutes an insightful approach to help Chief Data Officers provide self-service access to trusted data. Utilizing a patent pending trust model, ASG enables data consumers to better identify and understand available data and more readily evaluate its potential fit and value for both human and AI/ML-driven analytics.

To compete in the digital era, CDOs must address the growing demand for timely access to trusted data while remaining compliant. And while analytics needs are evolving, three fundamental questions about data never change: what data is available, where did it come from, and what is the level of trust? Trust historically relies on data quality measures, stakeholder collaboration, and crowd sourced reviews which, while relevant, can lead to a partial and even biased understanding of data where the business impact of trying to use data that is of poor quality or poor fit isn’t realized until well into the analytics.

ASG conducted market research to explore how organizations think about trust, which factors are (or would be) the most objective and relevant for measuring trust, and barriers that make understanding data difficult. Our analysis concluded, among other things, that trust is multi-faceted, it’s organic and evolves over time, and a “one size fits all” approach for enterprises and their data is impractical.

ASG responded by defining a next-generation trust model for data understanding where a data item’s trust is dynamically computed based on the value of one or more facets whose values are determined by logic and metrics within (or external to) the Data Intelligence solution. Trust scores are measured over time and rich policies drive automated actions such as instantiating workflow when a score falls below (or rises above) a threshold. ASG’s unique approach to modeling trust is patent pending.

“Data management leaders are investing in people, processes, and technologies serving both offensive and defensive data strategies,” said Marcus MacNeill, Senior Vice President, Product Management at ASG. “Data consumers, from data analysts to data scientists with diverse analytics goals and data literacy skills, need to confidently understand and assess available data so we’re excited about the prominent role our trust-centric approach plays across our 2020 Data Intelligence product investments.”

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Source: ASG Technologies