White Paper

Are You Ready For The Hybrid Business Model?

Starting A Business

For many Unified Communications providers and IT VARs, having a mix of recurring revenue services and traditional hardware and software sales is the key to sustainability and increased profitability.

There’s an important shift taking place that will affect your business forever. If you’re a Unified Communications provider or IT VAR and you built your business on selling product-based solutions, you probably already feel this shift. Cloud and subscription service models have fundamentally changed the way technology is being delivered today. With those delivery model changes comes a change in compensation for those services. The days of receiving a single large payment for your work are going away. Customers have evolved and so have their expectations. As a result, you must adapt your business model or run the risk of putting your business in a dangerous position concerning its sustainability. Thankfully, there is a clear path that can lead you to unimagined levels of prosperity and profitability.

In this paper, we’ll discuss the changes taking place in the IT industry and how you can adjust your business to deliver a hybrid of products and services — without crippling your cash flow. We’ll detail the services and solutions you can deliver to customers, highlight common mistakes to avoid, discuss the changes you’ll have to make to your business, and more. In the end, you’ll have a concise playbook to help you transition to a powerful new hybrid business model.