Guest Column | March 19, 2020

Add LinkedIn To Your Morning Work Routine

By Sally Jo LaMont, Social Sales Link

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I just spoke with a new client of mine who was so excited because they just landed a deal through a LinkedIn contact — someone they never thought that they would be able to engage within their industry.

My client let me know that the reason they had felt confident in their ability to close the deal was that they used a few of the LinkedIn practices that I had shared with them not long ago.

Now that so many of us are spending our upcoming days and weeks remote, I wanted to make some of those daily tips and tools available to you.

LinkedIn is a fabulous lead source, but it takes a game plan to make sure you’re doing all the right things that can help drive engagement. Your morning ritual should include specific activities that don’t take long but can have the biggest impact.

Below are five easy — yet essential — activities that you can do each morning to help you engage with your contacts to start more sales conversations:    

First, head on over to go to your “notifications” tab, which appears in the navigation bar to the left of your profile photo. Here, you’ll see notifications that range from job updates to new posts. This is the place where you’ll find the easiest, and often most effective, ways to engage with potential clients. I’m going to break down how to leverage these notifications to your advantage in five different ways.

  1. “Job Change” or “Starting a New Position”

This could be the best lead source of all. When an existing connection changes jobs, either advanced in the same company or starting in a new company, don’t neglect to send them a personalized message. Include information that might be helpful to them in their new position. For example: 

“XXX, Congrats on your recent (promotion or job change) at XXX Company. Wishing you continued success. Should you require any resources regarding (your general expertise) in your new position, I’d be happy to share insights that might point you in a direction that could save you some time.

Again, congrats!


  1. “Work Anniversary” 
                    This is a great opportunity to compliment a potential client and congratulate them on their achievement. However, you must make it personal. For example:

                    “XXX, Wow, I’m impressed! XX years at XX Company and still going strong.
                    Congratulations on your work anniversary and wishing you continued success.


  2. “Happy Birthday”
                    This is a perfect moment to get back in touch with a potential client who you may have lost contact with over the months, putting your name on your prospects’ and other connections’ radar. It’s a great time to head over to their profile and see if they’ve had any recent activity you might be able to bring into the conversation. A personalized note may include something like:
                    “XXX, Happy Birthday, XXX! I loved your recent blog post about XXX. Wishing
                    you a healthy and successful year ahead!”

  3. “Who's Viewed Your Profile”
                     LinkedIn gives you the ability to see who has viewed your profile. This is a powerful tool that LinkedIn offers. Think of this tool as seeing a “missed call” on your phone from someone, but they decided not to leave a message. It is an intentional asset designed to offer you some of your strongest lead sources. When you see that someone has “viewed your profile”, it means that a potential client has clicked on your LinkedIn page. Don’t you want to know why? Your message could read:

                    For your connections:
                    XXX, I saw you looked at my profile and it reminded me that we never finished
                    our last conversation. Perhaps it’s time to reconnect. Let’s set up a time to
                    explore ways we might be able to help each other.”

For those not connected, send a connection request that reads:
                “XXX, Thanks for checking out my profile. I looked at yours and think it might be
                mutually beneficial if we made a connection. Would love it if you accepted my
                request so that we could potentially have a discussion.”

(Should they accept your connection request, be sure to include resources — like a great insightful article or blog — in the follow-up conversation.)

  1. “Outstanding Connection Requests”  
                    Don’t ignore those that are reaching out. Although you may have a specific framework about whom you accept connections from, if they appear to be in your network, I encourage you to accept their request. Remember, the action of accepting isn’t usually enough. Be sure to send them a message and share a valuable resource that relates to their position or industry. It’s also a great opportunity to be direct and ask why they are interested in connecting with you.

We have heard countless examples and have experienced first-hand how these simple actions could be solid lead sources that you may be presently ignoring.

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About The Author

SallySally Jo has spent her career in technology sales and sales training. For over 6 years she has been focused on social selling for Channel Sales, Channel Partners, and Corporate Sales Teams.

Her wealth of knowledge in the sale profession translates into her LinkedIn training and coaching. As a true relationship builder, Sally Jo bridges the gap between traditional sales and social to help business development professionals succeed.