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05.30.19 -- Why You Need To Be Speaking With CPAs About Their Cybersecurity

Featured Editorial
Honing Your Remote Troubleshooting Skills
Guest Column | By Joshua Liberman, Net Sciences, Inc. and ASCII Group member

One thing that nearly every IT professional will have to learn to master is remote support, whether “silently” (by means of RMM or web-based access), or by telephone. And learning to hone these remote troubleshooting skills should be at the top of your list.

Technological Considerations When Transitioning From VAR To MSP
Guest Column | By Matt Kanaskie, Marco

When planning your transition from VAR to MSP, one of the main factors to consider is the variety of technological shifts that need to occur for the change to be successful.

Why You Need To Be Speaking With CPAs About Their Cybersecurity
Guest Column | By Angel R. Rojas, Jr., DataCorps Technology Solutions, Inc.

It’s May; a month has passed since tax season ended, and CPAs are returning from vacation. On their dockets are items they put off because they had to focus on taxes — including IT. And this year cybersecurity should be on their minds.

Channel Insights
Selling BCDR Made MSPeasy
E-Book | Datto Inc.

Many managed services providers (MSPs) struggle with communicating the value of a true business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution to their clients and/or prospects. To help MSPs communicate the benefits of BCDR, we’ve put together this e-book to highlight various strategies and tactics to get the conversation started.

How Copier Dealers Can Go To Market Faster Selling Managed IT Services
Webinar | Taylor Business Group

More copier dealers are entering the managed IT services business at a rapid pace as a way to expand their business and revenue. This on-demand webinar, co-presented by Taylor Business Group, shares lessons learned in the industry so you can go to market faster with fewer headaches.

Is Your Business Ready For The Worst?
E-Book | SherWeb

Disasters aren’t always caused by human error. 2017 was a record year in terms of disasters. Just in the U.S., natural calamities cost $306 billion in damages. The impact on businesses was high. When a business is down, chances are it will stay closed forever. With a well-planned disaster recovery strategy, you can keep offering services to your clients even while your building is on fire.

Transitioning From Break-Fix To Managed Services: Shifting The Mindset
Article | IT Glue

Gone are the days of simply fixing your clients’ tech and waiting for the next frantic phone call. With the state of technology today, your clients can’t afford even a hint of downtime. For many businesses, this means that the break-fix model is no longer a viable solution for providing the necessary level of consistency and reliability customers need. Managed services providers (MSPs), on the other hand, are all about that consistency.

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