Newsletter | December 9, 2019

12.09.19 -- Why Secure Documentation Matters

Vendors Poaching Your Clients?

As an MSP, you’re often the intermediary between a vendor and the end client — a necessary role that’s beneficial to all parties. Ever had a vendor reach out to your client as a contract was expiring, trying to get the business for themselves, cutting you out in the process? There’s no value in pointing the finger at vendors that do this or sitting around venting, so what can you do?

Why Secure Documentation Matters

Around this time last year, the Department of Homeland Security issued a warning that hackers were increasingly targeting managed service providers (MSPs) to launch ransomware attacks across end-customer systems. Since then, we’ve seen high-priced ransomware attacks executed, following the pathway of moving from the MSP's system across to their client’s, crippling end-user organizations.

Documentation: The Heart Of Efficient MSP Operations

Documentation is the unsung hero of IT operations. It’s not sexy, but it touches everything that an IT tech does. MSPs that have upgraded from the world of Word docs and wikis are unanimous and enthusiastic about the power of MSP documentation. But not all documentation solutions are created equal. So, what are the key things you need to look for in a documentation platform to help maximize the value it provides for your MSP?

Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Integrations?

The mark of a superior documentation platform is one that establishes deep integrations with other tools in your tech stack. Seamless orchestration between the functions of each tool needs to take place, and your documentation manager should be the missing link that conducts this. If your documentation platform doesn’t support this level of integration, you’ll soon find that pain points are exacerbated and new issues arise.