Newsletter | March 5, 2020

03.05.20 -- Why MSPs Must Plan For And Expect IT Security Failures

Channel Insights
5 Ways To Avoid A Phishing Attack
Infographic | Webroot

Did you know that 90 percent of modern data breaches now involve a phishing attack? The best way to defend yourself against phishing attacks is to identify phony emails before you click on them.

The Best Conferences For MSPs To Attend
Article | Field Nation

Whether you’re deciding how to allocate your professional development budget or you’re looking to stay up-to-date on industry trends, choosing an MSP conference to attend can be daunting. With more options than ever before, it’s important to select a conference (or two) that best aligns with you, your business, and your budget.

MSP Industry Trends To Watch For In 2020
  Article | By Jonathan James, IT Glue

Yes, it’s another one of these forward-looking new year posts. But we’re extremely confident ours will prove to be more accurate than the rest. In 2019, there were three notable trends that give an indication of what can be expected in the coming year.

Growing Managed Services Profitably By Doing More With Less
White Paper | Scale Computing

The market for managed services has grown fiercely competitive; MSPs need to seek ways to remain competitive while becoming more profitable. The hype surrounding the simplicity hyper-convergence, the integration of the compute, storage, and virtualization layers of infrastructure into a single solution architecture, makes the architecture seem promising, but what more do MSPs need to know to guarantee success?

How To Use PR To Get Your MSP Noticed
Video | The ASCII Group

Learn how you can use local media to generate PR exposure for your company!

Leadership Lessons
Top 20 Best Tech Cities For IT Jobs
White Paper | CompTIA

The CompTIA Tech Town Index illustrates that IT pros are in demand and have nearly endless options when choosing where to live and work. With overall cost of living an essential to 82% of tech workers, and nearly two-thirds citing weather and commute times as important factors as well, the good news is that tech workers have the opportunity to write their own stories.

Are We There Yet?
Guest Column | By Mark Matthews, ATG-IT

Remember when you were a kid and your parents were taking you away to the seaside for a holiday in the family car? After about 30 minutes into the journey, what did you say? “Are we there yet?”

Why MSPs Must Plan For And Expect IT Security Failures
  Guest Column | By Terry Cole, Cole Informatics

As MSPs charged with implementing security measures that effectively protect our clients from harm, our industry would like to think there’s a set of solutions out there that we can arrange to provide perfect protection. In reality, though, experience always seems to have at least one extra lesson.

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