Article | August 5, 2019

Why Managed Service Providers Must Monitor For Compromised Credentials

Source: ID Agent

By Kevin Lancaster, ID Agent

UPS Malware Removed By Security Team

If your customers are like most organizations, 75% of their employees recycle or use a variation of the same password across most of the systems and websites they access – both on and off their employer’s network. And this practice is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Your company may have implemented an internal protocol to educate your clients and their employees that they need to cultivate better cyber hygiene. However, the reality is that it’s difficult to change a habit. Whether out of convenience, forgetfulness or unintentional negligence, it’s a battle that most organizations don’t know how to solve and are ill-equipped to prevent.

Preventing an Inevitable Security Breach

Whether they know it or not, just about every American between the ages of 21-65 has been impacted by a data breach that has exposed some elements of their identity. From email addresses and passwords to social security numbers and dates of birth. There are billions of compromised/stolen records for sale on the hard-to-access portion of the internet called the “dark web.”