Newsletter | September 21, 2022

09.21.22 -- Why Everybody Needs To Be Scanning For IT Vulnerabilities

Stop Making Client Acquisition And Retention Difficult

Are you like many MSPs who find that new client acquisition and retention rank one of your biggest challenges?  Acquisition is the first phase in the client lifecycle. Getting your foot in the door is that critical first step. You need to get their attention and make them want to hear what you have to say. Only then can you make a compelling case for the value of your services. 

Everybody Needs To Be Scanning For IT Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity Dive recently reported that the number of network-related vulnerabilities considered medium severity and above declined almost 10% last year, according to Palo Alto Networks’ Unit 42 Network Threat Trends report. However, the number of attacks targeting network-related CVEs in 2021 jumped 15% to 262 million, reflecting an all-time high and triple the number of attacks that occurred prior to the COVID-19 crisis.

Top Ways To Use IT Assessments To Win New Clients And Sell More Services

Watch and learn how to quickly, easily, and non-intrusively gather intelligence from your prospects that will dislodge the competition, use your assessments to “put some edges” around your service and command higher fees to expand the scope, and more.

Choosing The Right IT Compliance Solution Is Critical To Your Security Assurance…And Your Success

Compliance standards and guidelines continue to gain traction and are being implemented in many industries, as well as across local and national government agencies. Popular opinion is that only companies within regulated industries need to worry about cybersecurity. But any organization that receives, stores, or handles consumer or sensitive business data needs to protect that information.

The Case Of The 7 Missing Keys To MSP Success

It’s a rather gloomy evening in London. Sitting in his office on the top floor of a brick-walled building, Andrew is perplexed over a mystery that has haunted his MSP business for years now. The constant struggle to consistently acquire new clients has stalled his company’s growth and has seen his competition leave him in the dust.

Your Secret Weapon For Managing Client IT Security & Compliance

Make more money through improved IT security and robust compliance services for your clients. With pre-built compliance management templates, you can get up and running faster. Compliance Manager GRC is designed to help you better manage ongoing IT security assessments, remediation, and compliance documentation.

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