Newsletter | September 19, 2019

09.19.19 -- Why Cyberattacks On MSPs Are On The Rise (And What To Do About It)

Featured Editorial
Time Management Practices That Really Work
Guest Column | By Joshua Liberman, Net Sciences, Inc.

Time is the only truly finite resource and amongst the most commonly wasted. Let’s briefly review three steps toward better time management, with examples of each.

Reader Spotlight: Jason Rorie, Elevated Technologies
Q&A | A conversation with Jason Rorie, Elevated Technologies

In this Reader Spotlight, Elevated Technologies Founder/CSO Jason Rorie shares a little about himself, his company, and the state of the channel.

Channel Insights
Secrets Of The Most Successful MSPs
Video | SherWeb

Discover the top 10 secrets of the most successful VARs and MSPs. These findings were compiled from a community of 65,000 VARs and MSPs in six countries. Learn from their collective success and improve your business.

Is Your Industry Veteran Status Jeopardizing Your Success?
Article | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Being an experienced reseller has benefits — and challenges. A major challenge is trying to keep an open mind to learn about each customer’s needs. After visiting thousands of customers, it becomes difficult to not predict what a customer will need, but doing so can result in missed sales opportunities.

Why MSPs Need To Stop Selling Services Based On Price
Q&A | A conversation with Miguel Lopez, Kaseya

Miguel Lopez, senior vice president, managed services providers at Kaseya, sat down with MSPinsights to talk about MSP pricing and selling value.

6 Keys To Succeeding In Managed Services
Guest Column | By Craig Fulton, ConnectWise

To build a successful MSP business, you need to create a systematic plan that outlines specific steps ranging from understanding your target market to implementing essential automation.

Using Risk Assessment In Sales
Article | By Joshua Oakes, IT Glue

A risk assessment is one of those critical pieces of documentation that can showcase the competitive value your MSP can provide to a client. By providing a sample risk assessment, a prospective client understands how thoroughly you will defend their environment—especially if you identify risks that they were not previously aware of.

Leadership Lessons
The MSP Game Plan To Selling Managed Security
  Guest Column | By Travis Ray, Infogressive Inc.

Every business needs cybersecurity, right? The bad guys are out there and have shelved their shotguns for computer code. Then why is it so difficult for MSPs to sell cybersecurity?

In Case You Missed It
Why Cyberattacks On MSPs Are On The Rise (And What To Do About It)
Guest Column | By Haley Clark, Domain Computer Services

MSPs, among their peers, have begun to whisper about the increased vulnerability they face. The hackers have come for them.