Newsletter | November 17, 2020

11.17.20 -- Why Compliance Makes For Good Business

The Cost Of An Unmanaged Microsoft Cloud

Whether accidental or malicious, your clients’ employees may be performing high-risk actions within Microsoft 365 applications. Their account credentials can also be acquired via phishing scams and used by third parties to gain access to corporate data stored in the MS Cloud. New tools are available for MSPs that can shed light on many of these security issues, allowing you to create a valuable Microsoft Cloud managed security offering for your clients.

Insider Data Breaches Are Soaring

Most MSPs focus on protecting their clients from external threats. But more than half of all data breaches are due to internal vulnerabilities and actors from inside the firewall, and the frequency of insider breaches increased by 47 percent in just the past two years. MSPs need to understand this trend to better protect their clients. Early detection of anomalous end-user behavior and suspicious login attempts is the best protection against internal breaches. 

Why Compliance Makes For Good Business

Millions of companies fall under specific industry regulations for IT security and privacy. But even if they aren't, you should set up your own security standards that protect them just the same. Establishing rigorous IT security standards, and then ensuring compliance, is good security and data privacy discipline. Learn how to help your clients remain in compliance with key security and privacy standards and increase recurring service revenue at the same time.

5 Ways Cyber Liability Claims Get Denied

Ask your clients if they have cyber insurance and, if so, what it covers. Then offer to review their policy for hidden IT security requirements. There's a good chance they are in violation of one or more of those policy terms and won't get paid in the event of a claim. Learn how to educate your clients about cyber insurance and how you can make money helping them comply with their policies.

Consistent HIPAA Compliance Requires Ongoing Assessments

If you are an MSP with clients in the healthcare sector — including medical and dental practices, pharmacies, and HMOs, to name a few — ask them when they performed their last HIPAA risk assessment. It's a requirement to perform on an ongoing basis, and a surprise audit could reveal compliance offenses that may result in significant fines. Learn how to monetize this client need and how to use it for prospecting.