Newsletter | June 11, 2020

06.11.20 -- What You Need To Know Before Making The Move To MSSP

Channel Insights
How MSPs Can Automate Backup Failure Remediation

With fully automated backup collection, failure identification, and process remediation in place, failed jobs will re-run during their backup windows and, upon succeeding, will never appear as a failure in the first place.

The Clarity Security Vendor Report

MSPs from around the globe are motivated to respond to the survey for their chance to be on the MSP 501 list as it is seen as the best mechanism to benchmark their organizational progress against other leading providers with real numbers.

MSP Marketing: Getting Your Message Out

I assume at this point most of you in MSP land are seeing your receivables start to climb. When the economy goes into a complete state of shock, that’s inevitable. The way we see it, there are two parts to this challenge.

Avoiding Tablet Chaos: How To Manage A Client’s Third-Party Technology Woes

Your clients are using more third-party technologies than ever before to meet the needs of their customers. Here is the trick to use this obstacle to your advantage.

What You Need To Know Before Making The Move To MSSP

Security is one of the most important functions in the IT industry, no matter the size of your company. If you’ve considered moving your MSP into the MSSP realm, both the opportunity and the stakes are higher than ever and require careful consideration.

Leadership Lessons
Why Cybersecurity Is Going To Save Your MSP

A cyberattack on an MSP can result in a business-ending event that can’t be recovered from. With incidents increasing 58 percent year over year, the sustainability of an MSP is dependent on a well-planned, multi-layered cybersecurity plan.

4 Steps To Earning New Clients During COVID-19

The best kind of marketing for any business is a referral, but the downside is that they’re unpredictable and sometimes the potential clients turn out to be nightmares. So, this article is all about the second-best kind of marketing opportunity: a client success story.

Machine Learning Is Your Secret Weapon For Customer Acquisition

If you’re looking for a strategy to get ahead when it comes to customer acquisition, machine learning can be your secret weapon.

Vendor Response To Global Disasters

As I write this, we are now several months into the Global Disaster we know as COVID-19. By now, I’m sure you’re tired of hearing about it, as am I, but I wanted to take a moment to pause and look in retrospect at some vendor response and support that we, the MSPs, have received.

From Disrupted To Disruptor, The Way Of The Cloud

Make no mistake, a shift in power toward digital-first companies is underway, and the cloud plays a major role in helping these companies establish themselves. The time is now to break the silos; embracing the journey to public cloud is crucial.