Newsletter | May 28, 2020

05.28.20 -- What You Need To Know About Backup And Backup As A Service

Channel Insights
5 Ways To Improve Business Cyber-Resilience

Cybersecurity is a lot like military strategy. Both involve a battle of wills between adversaries that includes the use of force. It’s no wonder why cybersecurity practices often borrow from military tactics.

Hackers: Fact Vs. Fiction

Have you ever watched a movie and seen a character doing something you know how to do, and thought to yourself, “Jeez, that’s totally wrong. Couldn’t they have done a little research?”

12 Things To Cover In Your Managed Services Agreements

Have you ever opened up a product with ‘some assembly required’ that failed to include instructions (or included them, but only in a language you don’t understand)? So frustrating. Sadly, many clients feel the same way about their managed services agreements.

Building A World-Class Customer Journey

MSPs reveal their best practices for people, processes, and automation.

SkyTab Pay-At-The-Table Solution Demo

SkyTab is a powerful mobile solution that is a true game-changer for the hospitality and foodservice industries. It combines state-of-the-art hardware with simple and intuitive software to deliver an exceptional experience for businesses and their guests.

What You Need To Know About Backup And Backup-As-A-Service

Matt Hall, head of global sales at Bocada, has 20 years of experience developing and executing growth strategies. During that time, he’s held leadership positions that have spanned general management with P&L responsibility, strategic alliances, product development, and corporate strategy. Hall also has experience building new lines of business in IT software and services and consumer payments.

Remote Workforce Management
The 4 Pillars To Building A Top-Notch Remote Workforce

The age of the remote workforce is upon us. This offers a unique opportunity for both businesses and employees, contributing to the increased popularity of telecommuting. As traditional work arrangements evolve to include remote teams, companies can garner the best talent, regardless of their location, while also providing their clients with more comprehensive support coverage.

Upcoming Webinar
Go To Market In The New Cybersecurity Landscape

Tuesday, June 16 | 2:00 p.m. EDT

Today’s evolving threat landscape, increased regulations, and influx of Big Data has made cybersecurity a top concern among SMBs. What’s more, the recent crisis around the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is forcing SMBs to rapidly adapt to new security requirements. Your customers need cyber resiliency now more than ever and will be looking to you for guidance during these difficult times.


Join Webroot experts to learn how to support your SMB customers with automated threat detection while differentiating your business in today’s complex marketplace. In addition. you'll learn the biggest obstacles facing your SMB customers today, discover key cybersecurity resources to stop attacks before they happen, and explore training and certification resources to increase your expertise

Leadership Lessons
How To Overcome Any Sales Objection

If you are in a sales role, you’ve experienced this situation: You just attempted to close a sale, and you heard what almost every salesperson dreads: AN OBJECTION. You know that if you can’t overcome the objection you’ll likely lose the sale.

How To Accelerate A Move To The Cloud In Response To COVID-19

Millions of people around the world have been forced to isolate in their homes amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and a flood of professionals are being asked to conduct work remotely for the foreseeable future. This sudden and sweeping change is illustrated by the skyrocketing usage of Microsoft Teams, a cloud-based chat and collaboration tool that saw 12 million new users daily between March 11 to March 18.

Why Successful MSP Customer Engagement Requires Embracing Change

While continuity and reliability are the roots that hold managed services firmly in place, opportunities for change provide the solid, yet flexible branches required to expand and scale business services to new heights. This ultimately increases customer satisfaction.

How To Protect Your MSP From Cyberattacks

Managed service providers have been in the press a lot lately, and not in a good way. Cybercriminals have realized that the MSPs are a single point of entry into hundreds of poorly secured small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and come with fully functional remote access remote script execution to make their lives easier.