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Enabling partners to identify and manage interactions with cloud services and associated applications.

Organizations are increasingly turning to cloud access security brokers (CASBs) and other network and security technology vendors to address cloud service risks, enforce security policies and evaluate compliance with regulations, even when cloud services are beyond their perimeter and out of their direct control. CASB providers are expected to maintain a central location for policy and governance concurrently across multiple cloud services — for users and devices — and granular visibility into and control over user activities and sensitive data.

Cloud Service Intelligence addresses evolving security needs

Nearly 94% of enterprises already use cloud services, and 70% of small and medium-sized business workloads and data sets will reside in the public cloud this year.1 This heavy cloud usage increases the need for intelligence and visibility around cloud services and applications. Webroot BrightCloud® Cloud Service Intelligence enables technology and security vendors to enforce data-centric security policies to mitigate the risk of interactions with cloud services and associated applications. Using three components – Cloud Application Classification, Cloud Application Function and Cloud Application Reputation – partners can identify shadow IT, assess risks to information and data within a cloud service, and manage and monitor access to cloud services.

Users of BrightCloud® Cloud Service Intelligence can identify cloud applications that pose security or compliance risks.

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