Webroot Security Awareness Training

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Improve Cyber Resilience to Minimize Security Incidents and Unforeseen Costs

No matter a business’s size, its users are frequently targeted by attackers who know that a single successful phishing email could mean complete access to everything on the corporate network and more.

Today, a 100-employee business faces just as much cybersecurity risk as a 20,000-employee enterprise.

Criminals might aim for long-term infiltration and theft from the network; or attempt to scam the user or business out of data or money; or steal a user’s credentials to access different parts of the network. They might also attempt to turn an end user’s machine into a zombie as part of a botnet or spam relay, or to mine cryptocurrency by hijacking its CPU. The list is only getting longer.

The bottom line is that, in today’s threat landscape, end users need regular and consistent cyber-awareness training to empower them to become a business’ first line of defense against attacks, not its weakest link.

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