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A More Secure Way to Connect Your Business to the Internet.

It’s easy to take the security of your business internet connection for granted, but that’s a huge mistake. Many internet services providers (ISPs) connections are neither secure nor safe. Their domain name system (DNS) servers simply take each internet request, look it up, and make the connection. They don’t check where the request is being routed to or whether the resolver servers are even hardened or secured. Which means that, when they are attacked, you could completely lose the internet, or worse, have your data intercepted or requests redirected without knowing it. Fortunately, there is a far better and more secure way for you to connect to the internet.

Webroot DNS Protection

As an innovator in cloud-based IT security services and a supplier of internet threat intelligence to over 100 network and security vendors, Webroot is uniquely positioned to offer your organization world-class DNS internet security protection. Webroot ® DNS Protection is an easy, effective way to secure every internet connection request being made on your network. By doing so, you’re mitigating and minimizing the chance your DNS requests is turned into a major security risk.

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