Newsletter | July 9, 2020

07.09.20 -- We Need The Security Benefits Of AI And Machine Learning Now More Than Ever

Channel Insights
How MSPs Can Automate Fixing Backup Job Failures

Backup success rates improve, manual activities are vastly reduced, and backup admins can instead focus their attention on more pressing data protection concerns.

MSP Saves $13K/Month Relationship With Automation Platform

Liongard Roar platform’s historical data allows an MSP to pinpoint costly, unauthorized changes made by a third-party vendor.

2020 Global MSP Benchmark Report: A Pre- And Post-COVID Analysis

This IT Glue 2020 Global MSP Benchmark Report reflects not only a snapshot of the world immediately prior to the pandemic, but a view into how the world has changed in the past couple of months, as we’ve built into this report data from both our February survey and our May survey.

Show Your Clients That Their Online Presence Can Make Or Break Their Business

Your client’s online presence matters — and it matters in a big way. Resellers can help clients grow their businesses and simultaneously deepen their relationships by guiding them in the use of digital tools and explaining why they matter.

Corporate VPNs Don’t Work Anymore

Most protection intended to stand between clients and servers simply can't withstand a well-timed, narrow-focus attack committed by an authorized client. This means corporate VPNs are more of a liability than security. 

We Need The Security Benefits Of AI And Machine Learning Now More Than Ever

As these times stress the bottom lines of businesses and SMBs alike, many are looking to cut costs wherever possible. The problem for business owners and MSPs is that cybercriminals are not reducing their budgets apace. On the contrary, the rise in COVID-related scams has been noticeable.

Leadership Lessons
Don’t Wait For Regulations – You Could Lose Your Business
Most people in the IT channel — whether they be MSPs, VARs, or vendors — are finding themselves very busy right now. Current events have IT companies scrambling to provide business continuity to their clients throughout the developed world.
How Cloud-Based Communication Tools Support The Next Generation Of Remote Workers

Businesses and schools across the country have ceased normal processes and are instead operating from a distance. As countries around the world adapt to these requirements, a new generation of remote workers has emerged, building on the already growing trend of workers leveraging cloud-based collaboration tools to support remote work.

6 Pillars Of A Confident Integration Strategy

Attaining integration confidence takes time and strategy. As with all great philosophies and structures, it is built on a series of foundations or tenets. We see six pillars of integration confidence.