Article | May 10, 2018

5 Ways To Enhance Your Sales Cycle And Win More Deals

Source: ConnectWise

By Steve Farnan, ConnectWise

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Growing your business revolves around the success of your sales cycle, and all too often the quoting process results in tedious, pain-staking time being lost—time that could be better spent connecting with potential partners. Fortunately, with a powerful quote and proposal automation tool, you can enable your reps to optimize their time and sell more efficiently. 

Follow these 5 strategies to streamline your sales process, and win more deals:

1. Develop a library.

Rather than starting from scratch, keep well-written, standardized templates on tap.  This will shave precious time off the quote-creation process. When you have a go-to for pre-approved templates, you don’t have to worry about embarrassing copy/paste mistakes.

2. Capitalize on instant-access delivery.

Allow clients to select and accept your quote(s) in real time using online, interactive, customized quotes and proposals. Our on-the-go business culture means no one wants to slow down for a quoting process. Keep them moving with easily accessible tools.