Newsletter | August 27, 2020

08.27.20 -- Using Pay-At-The-Table Technology To Win Business

Channel Insights
11 Types Of Phishing Attacks You Need To Know To Stay Safe

Like Darwin's finches, phishing has evolved from a single technique into many highly specialized tactics, each adapted to specific types of targets and technologies. First described in 1987, phishing is now carried out via text, phone, advertising, and of course email.

5 Ways To Improve Business Cyber-Resilience

Cybersecurity is a lot like military strategy. Both involve a battle of wills between adversaries that includes the use of force. It’s no wonder why cybersecurity practices often borrow from military tactics.

The MSP Virtual Workforce

A workforce unconstrained by distance — what once was a nice-to-have is now a necessity.

Why Virtual Events Are Still Worth Attending

Numerous conferences, expos, and summits have been canceled or postponed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these postponed events are now coming back virtually. One such event — Build IT Virtual — is being put on by IT By Design September 1 to 2 in, well, wherever you are. We spoke with IT By Design to get a feel for how a virtual event will be run and why attending virtual events is still important.

Former NSA Director Shares 6 Takeaways About Shifting Cyber Landscape & How Companies Should Adapt

Cybersecurity has become one of the leading global considerations of the COVID-19 crisis following the mass migration to remote work. As our reliance on technology will necessarily increase in order to both manage and move out of this crisis, it will inevitably be accompanied by cyber insecurity and tradeoffs with our digital privacy. This emerging environment requires an understanding of cybersecurity at the individual level and how that interacts with the global forces at play.

Using Pay-At-The-Table Technology To Win Business

Between the limited implementations available and the high cost, adding a tableside device to their ecosystem provided more problems than solutions for resellers. However, recent changes in the industry have allowed this technology to increase sales and augment the considerable value resellers can already provide. 

How To Use PR To Get Your MSP Noticed

Learn how you can use local media to generate PR exposure for your company!

Leadership Lessons
10 Things To Remember When Reopening Your Office After COVID-19

COVID-19 isn’t over—hardly—but across the U.S., increasing numbers of communities are planning to or starting to relax restrictions that will enable more businesses to open and allow employees to head back to the office—many for the first time in several months.

Surviving The Bumpy Road Of The MSP New Normal

Though it has been four months since the pandemic caused stay at home orders and lockdowns, many managed services providers are still grappling with how to overcome these hurdles to take care of their clients and themselves.

SD-WAN Must Securely Accelerate Cloud Connectivity To Enable The Cloud-Scale Edge

One of the biggest promises of SD-WAN is its ability to deliver the best possible application experience for branch offices and remote workers. In the simplest terms, that boils down to connecting a remote or branch user to an application—irrespective of where either is located—in the fastest and most reliable way possible. But just as importantly, it means consistently maintaining and securing that connection for ongoing optimal user experience.

Managing Business Services — A Breakout Strategy For MSPs

The beginning of 2020 has proven tumultuous across industries. Despite grappling with a global pandemic and having to determine the best ways to safely continue to conduct business, the IT industry remains relatively strong. However, these global challenges force companies to scrutinize their earnings and how they are evolving — or failing to evolve — with the ongoing development of technology and tools to better serve their customers, no matter the circumstances.