Newsletter | January 2, 2020

01.02.20 -- Using Cloud-Based Services And Integrations To Win Business

Channel Insights
The Future Of The Field Service Workforce
Article | Field Nation

Across industries from retail to healthcare, customers expect a flawless, highly personalized experience whenever they interact with a company. According to a recent study, customer experience has overtaken product and price as the main way businesses differentiate themselves. A positive customer experience can build lasting loyalty, but today’s consumers are fickler than ever and won’t hesitate to switch to a competitor if they’re dissatisfied.

How To Use Live Search To Close Deals
E-Book | ID Agent

Use this Live Search Playbook as a guide on how you can use the Dark Web to open doors and drive new recurring revenue.

Offering Security Services: Should You Build, Buy, Or Partner?
Article | By John Ford, ConnectWise

Are you considering how to get in the security services arena? The security market is a hot one, ripe with opportunity. All MSPs are on the same journey towards advancing their security maturity, but the path will be different for each.

Why Simplified Security Awareness Training Matters For MSPs And SMBs
Article | By Kyle Fiehler, Webroot

In a recent report by the firm 451 Research, 62 percent of SMBs reported having a security awareness training program in place for their employees, with half being “homegrown” training courses. The report also found that most complained their programs were difficult to implement, track, and manage.

Why State Of The Art Facilities Require State Of The Art Infrastructure
White Paper | Panduit

As advancing technology makes doing more faster a reality, all industries face the same problem. Digital transformation, the Internet of Things, AI, and machine learning are no longer experiments or curiosities — they’re a vital part of effective operational scaling.

XDR Without Limits
Article | Stellar Cyber

Data is the foundation of XDR. Without the right data, both basic forensics and advanced analytics through machine learning will have challenges.

From Swords To Keyboards, MSPs And Their Customers Under Attack
Video | The ASCII Group

Hear from a top industry expert as he shares useful information for anyone involved in cybersecurity.

Using Cloud-Based Services And Integrations To Win Business
  Article | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Cloud-based services are having a major impact on how resellers approach, interact with, and help clients. But how can resellers use cloud-based services to win more business?

Leadership Lessons
How Enterprises Can Balance Ownership Of Organizational IP With Their MSPs
Guest Column | By Jorge Rodriguez, Cleo

MSPs are a key element of the enterprise ecosystem, as they deliver several tangible benefits to customers. Aside from cost-savings, these benefits include increased productivity through fast resolution of IT issues, and the ability to focus on core business objectives rather than managing IT assets. 

AI + Intent Data: The Key To Ending Inefficient Marketing Tactics
Guest Column | By Liz Ronco, Spiceworks

There’s no greater transformative force in the world’s businesses than technology’s ability to connect people, increase competitiveness, and ultimately help organizations grow. But as the business technology market nears $4 trillion in annual spend, two significant challenges have emerged for both the businesses who buy technology and the vendors who sell it.

IT Industry Outlook 2020
White Paper | CompTIA

There are tremendous benefits available through technology for both business and society, but there are major questions around safety, privacy, sustainability, and trust. The answers to these questions come from combining technical expertise with social awareness. By embracing responsibility for all the changes innovation can bring, the tech industry can be responsible for driving future progress.

The Benefits Of Moving To The Cloud
  Guest Column | By Lynn Tinney, OPAQ

Delivering managed security services poses numerous challenges that span deployment, administration, and reporting. In each case, they impact customer response, operational efficiency, margins, and ultimately profitability.