Article | October 25, 2019

Using Cloud-Based Services And Integrations To Win Business

Source: Shift4 Payments

By Sean Berg, Shift4


Even if you are not actively aware of it, technology within your industry is continuously evolving. Cloud-based services are one example, and they are likely having a major impact on how you approach, interact with, and help your clients. But how can you use cloud-based services to win more business?

Gone are the days when a reseller could simply provide a client with their business ecosystem — POS system, payments processing, security, etc. — and then settle into a maintenance or service contract role until the hardware needed to be upgraded. The average consumer today is using new methods of finding businesses, paying for transactions, or receiving goods and/or services. This is putting significant pressure on business owners to keep up with consumer trends to match.

Today’s business owners expect their point of sale system to integrate with any new, cloud-based service their customers want to use, and they should. Consumers want to use cloud-based solutions to find goods, order items, and pay without having to leave their home. Business owners want to meet their needs, accept the technology, and most importantly, take advantage of the cost saving benefits and increased revenue many solutions generate. It has quickly become an expectation that these new technologies fit seamlessly into their existing business ecosystem. With the convergence of the integrated space, this has become a reality very quickly and presents significant opportunity for resellers today.