Article | February 14, 2019

2019 Trends & What To Know About UC This Year

Source: Star2Star

By Michelle Accardi, Star2Star


Over the last few years, we have seen a remarkable transformation take place in the enterprise communications arena, as businesses have migrated away from traditional phone systems in favor of IP-based communications. 

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Today, the golden standard is unified communications (UC), a technology that combines multiple systems like voice, video, fax, presence, and instant messaging into a centralized, cohesive platform. 

Using UC, businesses can: 

  • Reduce costs: UC can save a business money in a variety of ways. With UC, for instance, it’s possible to pool telephone lines, making it possible to pay less for fewer lines. A cloud-based UC system will also come with less capital and operational expenditures. And businesses can save even more money by using video conferencing, for faster meetings and reduced travel expenses. 

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  • Eliminate shadow IT: Another major benefit to using UC is that it will reduce “shadow IT,” which occurs when employees use technologies that IT administrators don’t know about. With UC, all employees can operate over an approved and secure messaging portal. This results in a more stable and secure communications environment.