Newsletter | August 6, 2020

08.06.20 -- Top 4 Marketplace Tips To Find Quality Technicians

Channel Insights
4 Traps That Undermine Documentation Culture

Are you happy with the state of your company’s documentation? Having the best tool is a great start, but it’s not everything. The best documentation system in the game works best when there is a strong documentation culture to support it.

Why You Should Delete TikTok Now

If TikTok is active on your or your customers’ phones, the app can basically read everything you copy on another device: passwords, work documents, sensitive emails, and financial information.

Building A World-Class Customer Journey

MSPs reveal their best practices for people, processes, and automation.

Has The Integrated Space Evolution Left You Behind? Find Out How You Can Win

To survive in today’s competitive market, resellers must become intimately familiar with all facets of the integrated space and the entire business ecosystem or find themselves quickly becoming obsolete.

Work From Home May Mean Working From Personal Devices; Don’t Forget Backup And Security

Nestled within Webroot’s chapter on malware in its 2020 threat report is a comparison of infection rates between business and personal devices. The finding that personal devices are about twice as likely as business devices to become infected was always significant, if not surprising.

Webroot Threat Report

Traditional attack approaches are still going strong, new threats emerge every day, and new vectors are being tried and tested. The details are in the data.

Top 4 Marketplace Tips To Find Quality Technicians

When you send a technician to a job site, your reputation is on the line. You need quality technicians that can get the job done and get it done right.

Leadership Lessons
Why MSP Clients Should Worry About Security Awareness Training

You’ve done all you can to provide the most advanced technology to deter cybercriminals from impacting your clients’ organizations, so you should feel confident in your efforts, right? Well, unfortunately, despite technologies that impede malware and viruses, you may be wrong.

How Companies Are Using And Benefiting From WVD

When Microsoft released Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) last September, it brought an offering to the market that opened the door to a variety of opportunities that until that point had been lacking.

Suddenly Your Sales Team Is Inside. Now What?

Prospects are afraid to have visitors on-site. National conferences are canceled meetings with qualified prospects postponed indefinitely. Cold callers find shuttered offices. Your frustrated business development staff, once confident in their face-to-face ability to win new customers, is now inside-only, trying to make do with phone, email, and video contact. As a sales leader, you are faced with the additional difficulty of managing your reps at a distance.