Newsletter | December 16, 2020

12.16.20 -- Top 10 Benefits Of IT Assessments For MSPs

Top 10 Benefits Of IT Assessments For MSPs

Most MSPs are continually performing ad hoc assessments of their clients’ networks and individual computers as they have the time or when they’re in a trouble-shooting situation. Performing proactive and regularly scheduled, comprehensive IT assessments is proven to improve efficiency by catching small issues and potential threats before they develop into serious problems. And that’s just one of the 10 reasons to perform regular IT assessments.  

NIST CSF: The “Swiss Army Knife” Of Cybersecurity

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) is the “Swiss Army Knife” of cybersecurity. Just as the venerable pocketknife has a plethora of tools to handle almost any survival task, the NIST CSF is an affordable and flexible framework designed to address all areas of cybersecurity for organizations of any size and industry.

Insider Data Breaches: Does The Size Of Your Clients’ Business Matter?

Many SMBs believe data breaches only happen to the big guys, but reports show that hackers prefer smaller companies because they’re easier targets. And insider breaches are rarely about a big payday. MSPs can help their SMB clients protect themselves with an internal cybersecurity service that detects anomalous activity, suspicious network changes, and other insider threats. 

What To Look For In Cyber Risk Insurance

As an MSP, you can play a key role in making sure your clients get a good cyber risk policy at a reasonable rate. But even more important, it’s up to you to ensure they won’t be denied a payout on any subsequent claims. Know what to look for in a cyber risk insurance policy for your clients and how to monitor the hidden IT security terms.

How To Evaluate Field Tech Job Performance

When MSPs send techs into the field, you usually don’t get feedback unless it’s negative. When complaints come in, steps are taken to address them. But assuming “no news is good news” may not be the best way to assess your technicians’ performance. You should create additional channels and opportunities to collect feedback. Here are a few ways to prompt customers to give you a better sense of how things are going outside your office.