Newsletter | May 27, 2020

05.27.20 -- The Truth About Hackers: What You Didn't Know

Cloud Storage vs. Cloud Backup

With more employees working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are trying to figure out how to protect the files they’re working on outside the office. Some are stuck between “cloud storage” services and “cloud backup.” While many confuse the two, there are important differences.

Why Healthcare Organizations Are Easy Targets For Cybercrime

Certain types of cybercrime targets always make headlines, and healthcare is no exception. This article addresses the various reasons that hospitals and healthcare organizations are desirable and lucrative ones and outlines why hackers are targeting the healthcare industry for profit.

Healthcare Cyberthreats That Should Keep You Up At Night

The state of cybersecurity in healthcare is somewhat bleak, if unsurprising. This article details how criminals are attacking healthcare organizations, the methods they use, and also what needs to be done to address this dangerous threat.

The Truth About Hackers, In Black And White (And Grey)

Did you know there are three primary types of hacker — white hats, black hats, and grey hats — and that there are subcategories within each one? Despite what you may have heard, not all hackers have intrinsically evil goals in mind. In fact, there are at least 300,000 hackers throughout the world who have registered themselves as white hats.

Lost Or Stolen Business Device? Here’s What To Do Next

A company-issued smartphone, it’s not a stretch to say, could pose an existential threat to a small business. Having a worst-case-scenario plan in case of device loss or theft could save time, money, and a viable future for your business.

Increase Revenue With Office 365 Backup

Many IT services providers have moved, or are in the process of moving, their customers to Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 offers a variety of user benefits, including improved security, easier collaboration, increased mobility, and simplified pricing, among other things. It also offers benefits for services providers, such as ease of deployment and management, lower operating costs, and a foot in the door to other cloud services.