Newsletter | January 23, 2020

01.23.20 -- The Integration That Makes Procurement Simple

Channel Insights
Demystify Payment Security For The Small Business Owner
Article | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Business owners are making life easy for cybercriminals. Despite the deluge of recent news about payment data theft, many small business owners still mistakenly believe they are not a target. With that mindset, they will not learn about payment security until it is too late. At a time when your technology no longer differentiates you, your knowledge and willingness to take care of your customers can. 

MSP Success Roadmap: 5 Steps To Working Smarter And Faster
E-Book | Kaseya

The MSP market is volatile and brimming with ideas and solutions to make everyone’s life a bit easier. Download our e-book and check out the multiple ways in which you can leverage the right blend of hard work and smart work to avoid all the dysfunctions, roadblocks, and barriers waiting for your MSP business.

3 Tips To Selling DNS For MSPs
White Paper | Webroot

Threats are everywhere, and endpoint security simply isn’t enough to keep your clients safe. Pairing domain name system (DNS) protection with endpoint security is a proactive way to prevent costly network attacks. Most clients, however, don’t understand the need for this added layer of security.

Backup-As-A-Service (BaaS) Billing Models
Article | Bocada

By normalizing metrics under a single pane, MSPs will enjoy a streamlined way to track backup costs, and end customers will enjoy increased transparency.

The Integration That Makes Procurement Simple
  Article | By Sam Demulling, ConnectWise

When the products you use can’t define a solid and efficient procurement process, it can heavily impact your bottom line—and your sanity.

Leadership Lessons
Assessing The Current And Future States Of Managed Services
Guest Column | By Michael Williams, Logically

MPSs need to work with their customers as a trusted IT ally, providing expertise in emerging and critical technologies as they relate to the core IT, cloud, cybersecurity, auditing, and compliance.

MSPs Will Drive Global Collaboration And Consumer Experience In 2020
Guest Column | By Dan Hastings, Flowroute, now part of Intrado

In the fast-paced enterprise communications market, forward-thinking businesses and MSPs raced to diversify and strengthen product portfolios by integrating cloud-based communication services into their existing offerings. Further, forward-thinking MSPs and channel providers leveraged the cloud to help their enterprise customers grow revenue.

Don’t Leave Client Employees Phishing Without Backup: Introduce A Layered Security Strategy
Guest Column | By Terry Cole, Cole Informatics

The bad guys who draft up phishing emails to capture login information or deliver payloads of malware are getting pretty darn crafty. In fact, it’s to the point now where even paranoid experts like yours truly can be close to peril without the right tools and a holistic security strategy in place.

How To Develop An Effective Business Continuity Plan For Your Clients
  Guest Column | By John Watkins, inRsite IT Solutions

While the term ‘business continuity’ is fairly new, the question behind it has kept system administrators up late at night since the PC made its way into our offices: “How do I ensure my company can continue functioning in the event of an emergency?” Developing a business continuity plan (also sometimes called a backup and disaster recovery plan) is a common way for sysadmins to answer that question.