Newsletter | December 12, 2019

12.12.19 -- The Fastest Growing SaaS Opportunities For MSPs

Channel Insights
Top Pitfalls Of The Internal IT Team (And How To Avoid Them)
Article | By Brett Cheloff, ConnectWise

From managing security and ticket flow to conducting routine maintenance and proactive monitoring, your team requires expert efficiency to stay at the top of their game.

Selling Business Technology: 3 Ways YOU Can Be The Value Your Customer Needs
White Paper | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

If you are a reseller of payments and POS systems, cloud technology, and business solutions, learn which selling strategy you must stop using today and the strategy to focus on instead to continue to grow your sales as the industry changes.

What An MSP Can Do To Protect Their Clients From The Dark Web
Article | By Kevin Lancaster, ID Agent

As an MSP or MSSP, you are doing your part to secure and monitor your client’s network and provide a seamless user experience. However, through no fault of your own, your client’s and their employees are not making your job easier by creating credential-based blind spots that until now were hard to detect and mitigate.

Why A Backup And Recovery Strategy Is NOT Optional
Guest Column | By Tim Sheahen, Webroot

It’s a scenario we see far too often: All of a company’s data is stored and managed on a single server. It’s protected by a backup server, sure, but even that is kept on the same domain as everything else. One day, the domain is hit by ransomware that not only shuts down the servers, but also corrupts backup data. So, what then?

4 Traps That Undermine Documentation Culture
Article | IT Glue

Are you happy with the state of your company’s documentation? For most of you, I’m guessing there are some things you want to improve. And that’s the rub — having the best tool is a great start, but it’s not everything. The best documentation system in the game works best when there is a strong documentation culture to support it.

Why State Of The Art Facilities Require State Of The Art Infrastructure
White Paper | Panduit

As advancing technology makes doing more faster a reality, all industries face the same problem. Digital transformation, the Internet of Things, AI, and machine learning are no longer experiments or curiosities — they’re a vital part of effective operational scaling.

MSP Guide: Say Yes To More Projects
Article | Field Nation

When your MSP doesn’t have time to expand coverage and accept new projects, you lose opportunities. Thankfully, the advent of field service management (FSM) platforms can help to grow your business and say ‘yes’ to more projects.

A Brief History Of Machine Learning In Cybersecurity
Article | Stellar Cyber

As the volume of cyberattacks grows, security analysts have become overwhelmed. To address this issue, developers are showing more interest in using machine learning (ML) to automate threat-hunting. However, there is much more to be done.

Deliver Efficient IT Service By Automating Time-Consuming Workflows
E-Book | Kaseya

Faced with challenges like lack of resources, manual processes, and increased IT complexity, as well as cybersecurity concerns and compliance regulations, IT teams need a unified IT management solution to not only deliver better service but to transform the business.

Leadership Lessons
3 Tips On Building Your Security Plan
Guest Column | By Angel R. Rojas, Jr., DataCorps Technology Solutions, Inc.

Once a risk assessment is done, we have a pretty large to-do list of things that need remediation. Not the least of which is our security plan, which will outline our protections, policies and procedures, how we will conduct ourselves during an incident or breach, and who is on our response team. Part of a security plan also can include steps needing to be remediated.

Cloud Autonomics And Automated Management And Optimization
Guest Column | By Dusty Simoni, 2nd Watch

The holy grail of IT operations is to achieve a state where all mundane, repeatable remediations occur without intervention. Getting to that state seems like it can only be found in the greatest online fantasy game, but the growing popularity of “AIOps” gives great hope that this may actually be closer to a reality than once thought.

The Fastest Growing SaaS Opportunities For MSPs
  Guest Column | By Angus Robertson, CRO, Axcient

As advocates for managed services providers (MSPs), we want to connect proven SaaS companies in these high-growth areas to the channel. We believe doing so could significantly impact the ability of MSPs and their customers to gain the efficiency and insights necessary to move businesses forward.