Article | July 17, 2019

The Clarity Security Vendor Report

Source: Webroot
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The Channel Futures MSP 501 is the most comprehensive, independent Managed Services Provider (MSP) survey conducted annually. Only the top 501 applicants make the list, based off the data gathered through submitting survey questions and certified accounting information through a financial professional or QuickBooks. MSPs from around the globe are motivated to respond to the survey for their chance to be on the MSP 501 list as it is seen as the best mechanism to benchmark their organizational progress against other leading providers with real numbers.

The 501 survey collects demographic information on each participating MSP, including the vendors that they use. For Webroot, Clarity Channel Advisors has aggregated three years of survey results to produce a trending report that demonstrates the security vendor market share fluctuation within the MSP ecosystem.

According to the latest MSP 501 survey data, Webroot owns a 49% market share among the world’s top MSPs. This is an increase of almost 20% from the previous year and the most significant growth of any anti-virus player in the MSP market surveyed.

The numbers are clear, but do not give us enough information as to the why and what Webroot is doing to command such a lead over their competitors.