Newsletter | December 19, 2019

12.19.19 -- The #1 Thing You Can Do Right Now To Increase Profits

Channel Insights
How To Fit Your Technology Expertise Into Your Customer’s World
White Paper | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Selling business technology for many years allows you to develop deep expertise of your products. But, breaking into your customer’s world requires deep expertise of their operations and their needs. Discover how to change your approach with customers to uncover the needs that your products can solve.   

How MSPs Can Grow New Revenue By Selling Cybersecurity Services
Article | By Dan Tomaszewski, ID Agent

Adding cybersecurity services to your offerings is an effective way to add and retain clients while driving a healthier bottom line at the same time. But you can’t go it alone, and choosing the right company to partner with can make or break you.

Hook, Line, And Sinker: Why Phishing Attacks Work
White Paper | Webroot

When we talk about phishing, it might conjure up memories of scam emails from foreign princes, chock-full of terrible typos, grammar mistakes, and other easy-to-spot signs that the message might not be legitimate. If you’re thinking in those terms, it might shock you to find out how many people actually fall for such attacks.

Omni IT Drives IT Operations Cost-Savings
E-Book | Kaseya

Optimizing IT spending allows companies to apply the savings to actions that enhance IT competencies and help achieve business growth goals. This e-book examines the various facets of IT spending and the ways it can be optimized.

Why Incorrectly Calculating Your True Cost Can Cost You
Video | ConnectWise

In this video we explore the importance of calculating the cost of staying in business and how that cost should dictate your business decisions, your prices, and determine which customers, technology, and service offerings are good or bad for your business.

Bundling Security Services To Improve Pricing And Close Ratios
Article | Stellar Cyber

Today’s businesses succeed by selling a handful of bundled items to a large number of customers. Think about restaurants, where the trend has been away from a la carte menus to limited menus, because it’s easier, more efficient, and requires less skill to produce a few entrée/side dish combinations than to try to fulfill each diner’s specific requests.

The #1 Thing You Can Do Right Now To Increase Profits
  Article | By Joshua Oakes, IT Glue
IT Glue’s 2019 Global MSP Benchmark Report is jam-packed with insights, but as with any research, there are always points where you want to dig a little bit deeper. The purpose of the report is to determine what the key success factors genuinely are in the MSP space—what matters and what doesn’t—according to hard data. Based on this, it’s pretty clear what one of the fastest ways to move the needle on your revenue and profit growth is: eliminate churn.
Why The Field Service Landscape Is Changing
White Paper | Field Nation

There are three key considerations that field service organizations must take into account when building a modern workforce. These three areas present significant opportunities and challenges for field workforce management today and in the future.

Leadership Lessons
Millennials And Proud: Why We’re The Future Of Managed Services
Guest Column | By Michael Wayland, Byte-Werx and ASCII Group member

Business owners in our industry have a fundamental misunderstanding of what millennials value, why they value it, and what motivates them. This leaves many MSPs unable to hire millennial employees and/or unable maximize the amount of work, quality of work, and accountability of those employees.

Reader Spotlight: Robert Coop, CCB Tech Group
Guest Column | A conversation with Robert Coop, CCB Tech Group

In this Reader Spotlight, CCB Tech Group President Robert Coop shares a little about himself, company, and the state of the channel.

Why We All Need To Start Thinking About Security And Compliance
  Guest Column | By Zina Hassel, ZLH Enterprises & ASCII Group member

The face and tactics of cybercriminals evolve daily creating an environment requiring continuous monitoring. A safe assumption is cybercriminals will breach every company, and the question is, “How quickly can you stop it?”