Newsletter | August 23, 2020

08.23.20 -- Surviving The Bumpy Road Of The MSP New Normal

Channel Insights
How To Structure Risk Assessments

What should a risk assessment look like? Risk assessments are a critical part of risk management. After all, you can’t manage what you don’t know about. What should a risk assessment look like? There’s a lot of different ways to structure a risk assessment, but at the end of the day some methods deliver more value than others. In this second part of our series of risk management, I Thought You Were Taking Care of That, we discuss how to structure risk assessments so that you can get the most value possible from them.

Prioritizing Business Applications In The Home Network

Feeling the pain of internet congestion, business applications are now competing with a lot of different types of internet traffic as more people are working from home. Compared to internet-reliant business communications and applications, typical residential internet use consists of a lot of “bulk data.” Bulk data includes streaming media, video games, casual web browsing, and other entertainment-based consumption. When sharing an internet connection with multiple residential users who are on platforms using bulk data, business users’ data gets squeezed, and they feel the pain of choppy VoIP calls and video conferences.

Getting Started With Contingent Labor: How To Source & Manage The Right Workers

For business leaders in IT and other field service industries, contingent labor offers endless financial benefits. The shift from using traditional W-2 employees to contractors allows businesses to reduce the costs of recruiting, training, and insuring new employees. Aside from its cost-savings, contingent labor also offers flexible, scalable, and efficient workforce solutions that improve performance metrics.

Empowering Your Sales Strategy With Customer Engagement Technology

Today’s consumers expect the businesses they patronize to engage with them in meaningful ways. This new expectation has created a great demand for customer engagement tools, as well as the opportunity for resellers to educate business owners on them.

Liongard's Alerts Simplify Audits, Cut Onboarding Time by 50%

This healthcare-focused MSP finds tremendous value in Liongard Roar actionable alerts.

Autism In IT: How To Onboard, Train, And Retain Uniquely Qualified Staff

Autism in IT: Learn how to onboard, train, and retain uniquely qualified staff and why you should consider neurodiversity as part of your company culture.

Leadership Lessons
4 Major Benefits Of On-Site IT Support

There are a few ways in which organizations can remedy the challenge of keeping up with the latest IT trends and technologies, but perhaps the easiest and most efficient way is by outsourcing your IT and transitioning to on-site support.

DFIR, Threat Hunting, And Navigating COVID-19 Lockdowns

For those in security-related jobs, being away from key pieces of equipment and integral team members has had an impact; there is no doubt. And when it comes to advanced digital forensics (DF), incident response (IR), and threat hunting, on the one hand being remote hasn’t had a huge impact on professionals in the field; yet on the other hand, it has proven cumbersome at best and highly restrictive at worst.

Surviving The Bumpy Road Of The MSP New Normal

Though it has been three months since the pandemic caused stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, many managed services providers are still grappling with how to overcome these hurdles to take care of their clients and themselves.