Magazine Article | August 16, 2016

Subscription-Based POS Is A Big Win For C-Stores And VARs

By The Business Solutions Network

This ISO-turned-VAR converted a small mini-mart into a customer for life by bundling an affordable point of sale (POS) offering with payment services.

Mitch Yoder, owner of Harbortouch Michiana, could tell you a few stories about unethical competitors he’s faced since entering the payments space more than 25 years ago. The ISO-turned-VAR is also quick to point out that the retail and hospitality markets have their share of unsound VARs and vendors. Prior to becoming a Harbortouch reseller in January 2012, Yoder was introduced to another POS vendor via one of his payment processing clients. “The only criteria the vendor had for someone to become an authorized reseller was to write them a check for $90,” he says. “They offered no training, no warranty on their hardware, and no support on their software.”