Article | January 30, 2018

MSPs: Stop Selling Your Services Based On Price

Source: Kaseya

A conversation with Miguel Lopez, senior vice president, managed service providers

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Miguel Lopez sat down with MSPinsights to talk about why MSPs should identify the value they provide and price their services to sell on that value.‚Äč

MSPinsights: What’s the most common mistake you see new managed service providers making as it relates to developing an appropriate pricing model?

Lopez: The most common mistake new MSPs make when creating their pricing model is to focus too heavily on competitive pricing. The MSP market is highly competitive, so it’s no surprise that service providers need to compete on price. However, basing your pricing model primarily on this single criteria is flawed because you don’t know the details of what your competition’s services include. As a result, you can end up under-servicing or over-servicing your customers – two scenarios that can both be detrimental to your business.