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10 Steps To Proactive Security

Source: Solarwinds MSP
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It has become commonplace to say that the state of cybersecurity has changed. It’s true—cybercriminals continue evolving their methods of attack. It’s not just malicious actors you have to worry about either—with the world growing more interconnected, it’s more likely than ever that insiders will accidentally cause a data breach.

To see how serious the state of cybersecurity has become, just look at some of the breaches from 2017. The Equifax ® breach led to a loss of over 143 million personal records. This happened to a company that protects private, personal data—just imagine how challenging it is for those with fewer security resources than Equifax. And with ransomware attacks like Petya, WannaCry, and Bad Rabbit, cybercriminals no longer have to steal data records to succeed with their cyberattacks. They can simply lock up data and hold it hostage for a time to wreak havoc (and gain financial benefit). W

hat the industry needs is a sea change in how we think about security to enable us to more proactively fight the cybercriminals. This whitepaper outlines ten steps to help get there.