Newsletter | February 20, 2020

02.20.20 -- Security-As-A-Service -- Where Do I Start?

  Myth Buster: Data Fatigue Is Not Real!

The noise is real. Of that, we can agree. It started way back in history — whoops, wrong topic (shout out to all of you who know that lyric). Basic packet captures, the final arbiter of proof, started all this and has continued nonstop until this very day. Every security analyst worth his/her salt asks for the packet captures. Why do we have all this data? Read on here.

Channel Insights
Using Pay-At-The-Table Technology To Win Business
Article | By Sean Berg, Shift4 Payments

Between the limited implementations available and the high cost, adding a tableside device to their ecosystem provided more problems than solutions for resellers. However, recent changes in the industry have allowed this technology to increase sales and augment the considerable value resellers can already provide. 

Saving 6 Hours Per Day With Backup Automation
Case Study | Bocada

Global MSP increases time saved on backup oversight and reporting during periods of significant growth.

Why A Backup And Recovery Strategy Is NOT Optional
Article | By Tim Sheahen, Webroot

It’s a scenario we see far too often: All of a company’s data is stored and managed on a single server. It’s protected by a backup server, sure, but even that is kept on the same domain as everything else. One day, the domain is hit by ransomware that not only shuts down the servers, but also corrupts backup data. So, what then?

Top Metrics For MSPs In 2020
Article | By Jonathan James, IT Glue

The New Year is arguably an arbitrary dividing point for making personal resolutions, but for a business whose financial year ends and begins at this point, there’s a strong rationale for setting goals and implementing positive changes. Accurate year-over-year business performance comparison is then possible, giving an apples-to-apples look at whether the changes you made for 2020 worked for you. I can’t tell you what your business goals for the New Year should be, but what I can do is highlight some useful metrics that will help pinpoint problem areas and measure improvement. Here they are, logically categorized and offered for your benefit.

Security-As-A-Service — Where Do I Start?
  Article | A discussion with David Barton, Stellar Cyber

For an MSP adding security services, or an MSSP looking to target a new market segment, here are the common questions I frequently get when I meet with services providers.

Leadership Lessons
How To Get More Word Of Mouth Referrals
Video | The ASCII Group

Discover how caring about your clients and contacts can be a powerful marketing weapon. Learn more about the four pillars of word of mouth strategy: over delivery; listening; surprise; and non-self-serving acts.

The Importance Of Business Partnerships And Alliances
  Q&A | A conversation between Dede Haas and Peter Simoons

Dede Haas, channel sales strategist and coach, and Peter Simoons, executive coach and alliance mentor, recently took the time to talk to The Business Solutions Network about strategic alliances and more in this exclusive interview.

Reader Spotlight
Reader Spotlight: Todd Creek, Dura-Tech Enterprises
  Q&A | A conversation with Todd Creek, Dura-Tech Enterprises

In this Reader Spotlight, Dura-Tech Enterprises CEO and ASCII Group member Todd Creek shares a little about himself, company, and the state of the channel.